Abici at Oi Polloi MCR


I blogged a while ago on the wealth of Brooks products now available at Oi Polloi…
Well peep this, Fresh out of Italy is this limited run of Abici bicycles made especially for Oi Polloi.


now for the info… via Oi Polloi
Men’s Abici Granturismo bicycle, handmade in one of the few remaining dedicated workshops in Italy still producing complete bikes (they once produced frames for Pinarello).

The handlebars, rims, pedal assembly and stand are made from ionised aluminium making them lightweight, durable and rust proof. The frame is painted in anti-rust paint. The chain and cog mechanism are enclosed in a very tidy and practical metal casing, preventing nasty oil stains and giving the green light for some smart attire.

The bike also features a Brooks saddle in honey-coloured hide and matching leather tape fitted to baker boy-style bars (we had fitted specifically for us).

Other features include:
High quality reflective tyres.
A simple-to-use, highly efficient (and very old fashioned) back wheel braking system operated by back-pedalling.
A standard handlebar operated front brake and an integral lock that locks through the back wheel.

One Response to “Abici at Oi Polloi MCR”

  1. Fixup Says:

    Dem coaster brakes is fun you know… its like you get the benefits of fixed and freewheel at the same time – pedal braking , plus coasting.

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