How good it is




Josh and Arjun dropped by me today to pick up a seat post that I had forgotten to bring with me. We stood in the rain and talked a little while and got accosted by a drunken fellow wearing a bandana who swore he was the dark knight and that I was Spiderman, after he found someone else to annoy, I gripped the nearest camera and snapped a couple of shots of the two teenagers with the matching paintwork.

After parting with Josh and Arjun I gots to thinking… how good it is to see more and more young folks getting into cycling, actually cycling. I have ridden bikes all my life but mainly BMX and mountain bikes, I only purchased my first road bike 2 years ago. As a teenage from what I can remember everything that concerned me and my bike was dangerous; who could get down Ludlow downhill without falling off? Who would be the first to 360 that brand new set of doubles? Do I have the minerals to atempt that MASSIVE rhythm section? All thrilling and all pretty dangerous.
I find riding fixed wheel different, no doubt it can be a bit dangerous riding on the road amongst all the cars and lunatics, but if you ride safe everything will be just nice. There will be no doubles to jump and no rocks or boulders to dodge.

People say riding fixed wheel is a trend, a fad. So what? So what if it is a trend? People like Josh and Arjun don’t get the bus or drive, they ride, to work or to college. Surely the more people getting into riding bikes around instead of driving cars can only be a good thing.

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3 Responses to “How good it is”

  1. Nick Says:

    Agreed, a very good thing! Check out this “cool” pic from 1960

  2. Nick Says:

    On Saturday evening I saw 18 bmxers riding into town down Digbeth High Street and 2 fixies heading in the opposite direction. Hopefully the bmxers will stay on 2 wheels having fun and not get into cars at 17.

  3. Fixup Says:

    pretty sure i saw one of these guys coming down broad street today

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