Oh dear.



Now then, I am thinking perhaps the phrases car crime, lock it or lose it and Digbeth and proud need not to be on the same sign. Are we proud that car crime is so rife in Digbeth? Not me sir, not me. When I got my first car in 2001 I used to drive to work on a Sunday and I had driven in no more than 3 times when I had my car broken in to. I recently moved house and after living here for no more than 3 weeks again I had my car broken into, so thats it for me and cars now, seriously, I am done. Insurance, tax, MOT, petrol, it is an expensive game is owning a car. Honestly the only time I personally need a car is if I fancy selling some Objet d’ar at a car boot sale or a trip to Ikea to buy things I don’t really need, so now my Renault Clio is up for sale. Funnily enough there is something quite liberating about relinquishing the car and having to rely on oneself but it is no big deal, I can get to where I need to be under my own steam, it may take me a little longer but I will get there.

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3 Responses to “Oh dear.”

  1. Nick Says:

    There is now an IKEA in Coventry city centre so its possible to get there by train (or bike!). Not sure how you would get back with a wardrobe etc though.

  2. shamim Says:

    Im proud that it actually says Digbeth.

    All this fucking ‘eastside’ stuff is nonsense, like they think its LA or something.

  3. tom Says:

    Get rid, get rid! Best thing I ever did was get rid of my car – before immediately getting a much more satisfying job where I needed one to lug my wares around. But still – get rid! It IS genuinely liberating.

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