Butty’s 700c PK Ripper



Got sent this pic today from my long time home boy and the very man from who I purchased my first PK Ripper.

This is Antony Butt’s bad boy fixed wheel.

I can still remember swapping him a handful of hard saved cash when I was 17, for a shiny polished Aluminium Ripper complete with landing gear forks… sweet!
I almost wet myself… It was finally mine.
Then like an idiot I went and sold it about a year later through fear of snapping it on my local trails – Ashworth in Great Barr.

Antony or ‘Butty’ has been riding bikes ever since I have known him, he has raced countless times in BMX including the Worlds, yes the Worlds!
He has competed against most, if not all of of my old BMX heroes and always, always on an S.E.
I can only imagine what trinkets this guy has in his garage.

When I first found out about the 700c Ripper I emailed him to see if he had any info on it, price, release date etc.
Not only did he have info, he already had the bike, in his possession and had been shredding it for for a while. Damn!

I am a big fan of this and I still want one so Antony if your reading this, nudge nudge, wink wink!

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7 Responses to “Butty’s 700c PK Ripper”

  1. jimbob Says:

    PK Rippers @ 700c don’t exist.

    You’ve been had that’s just a re-branded OTP ‘fixie’. Powercoated with old PK decals.

    The blues aren’t even the same tone. That’s a really weak pass off if you ask me.

  2. Blacksmile Says:

    Hmmmm. Upon re-inspection of the pics you may be right sir due to the lack of the loop tail on the rear stays however I have seen pics of 700c rippers at various trade shows so who knows? prototype maybe?

  3. Fixup Says:

    Ade was telling me about this bike.

    I remember a picture of Anthony Butt manualing in front of a shop in Ride Magazine about 10 years ago – I think that was an SE bike too, maybe even a PK ripper 20″

  4. butty Says:

    just to set the records straight its a cinelli vigorelli with original se pk ripper stickers.bmx roots is in my blood.just like huf sf with his cinelli with hutch trick star stickers on his.sweet as and john cardiel with his pk ripper sticks.
    so jimbob there you go.could have done your homework 1st before comment!

  5. tl88 Says:

    Yo, if you want to see the a sneak peak of the real deal 700c Fixed Gear PK Ripper Looptail, peep here:


    Available this summer.

    -Todd Lyons
    *SE Brand Manager

  6. Fixup Says:

    Todd Lyons? That name rings a bell. Are you the guy with the dreadlocks? You used to ride for, uh… I can’t remember. Odyssey, maybe. Trails rider, yeah? Were you at the Backyard Jam in 1997?

  7. Fixup Says:

    aa! i rememba now. HUFFY!

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