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In a bit.

February 26, 2009


Right, so I am off to the land of the liberal.


I have been looking forward to this since my girl got us the tickets for Christmas and now it has finally come,
so expect no posts for a few days while I get my ‘city break’ game on.

Pass by next week for a full Spinwell photo documentary fresh from the land of a million cycles.

Pimp Yo Spokes.

February 25, 2009

If you are in the market for a new wheel and your wallet is perhaps feeling a little heavier than usual you may fancy getting your wheel built by one of the lovely fellows at BLB.

Whats more is that this time you are lucky because with in-house wheel builds you now have the option to ‘pimp’ your spokes.


Hipsta Palooza MCR.

February 25, 2009

Two days before my Birthday… I think you can count me in!

Bikes in Lifts.

February 24, 2009


Bicycle Film Festival 2009.

February 24, 2009

Calling Matt, Richard and Glenn… next year we are on this.

Mash SF Tour of Cali.

February 24, 2009

Well done MASH.

The MASH SF tour of California makes the forthcoming Birmingham to Stratford ride look like a walk in the park… or is that ride in the park?

Does that fold?

February 23, 2009

I was in town today scouting for spokes for my new wheel when I was made aware that the Nike outlet store in West Bromwich had a pair of Air Max 90 infrareds with my name on them and they were only going to cost me £30.

I had to go. £30 for infrareds… thats me right there!

I wanted to ride but realised I had left my trusted spare tube and pump at home, no dramas, “I will get the train”. What a joke this idea turned out to be.

“Can I get a return to West Bromwich please?” I said kindly to the lady at the counter at New Street station, she told me it would easier for me to get the metro from snow hill as I was traveling with my bike. I am now at Snow Hill waiting to board the Metro, it arrives, I get on. “Does that fold?” he said, “Erm, No” I replied. The driver / warden then proceeded to tell me that unless it folds it can’t come on. All this after the lady at New street had flat told me it would be ok. There was tons of room, the tram was borderline empty and my bike could have travelled. The chap in the ( viscose heavy ) blue jumper, and trousers, the ‘Jobsworth’ must have just fancied empowering himself today by denying me right of passage. Well done pal, well done.

After my encounter with the driver / warden it took me a further journey back to New street, me having to raise my voice to a station ‘officer’, and then another journey across town to Moor street to finally get the go ahead to board a train, with my bike. Third time lucky.

Arriving at the Nike store after my nightmarish journey, not to mention the jaunt of a ride from the station to the centre, I am confronted by the store manager. “Excuse me, you can’t bring that in here” This guy was clearly not aware of the tribulations I had just gone through to get there, so unfortunately his words were quickly met with a certain venom from mine. “I have come here to put money in your till” I told him, with a slight increase in decibels.

I offered him countless suggestions as to where I could possibly leave it so as to not cause an accident ( in our current ” where there is blame there is a claim” climate ) but he had none of it.

I got my trainers and I went home but my god the whole process did my head right in.

If the government wants more people to ride bikes to lower folk’s ‘carbon footprint’ they need to be doing things to make the idea a little more attractive.

Clueless counter clerks, poor options on public transport and an uncooperative attitude towards cycles and cyclists is not going to cut it.

Rant over, I am off to build that wheel.

Roll to Shakespeare.

February 22, 2009

Looking forward to this one.
I nice merry cruise to Stratford is just what is needed to shake off those winter cobwebs.

All welcome too, not just fix heads.


Fixed 3

February 19, 2009

They say “If you want to do tricks just get a BMX”.

Some people hate on fixed trick riding, myself also included up until not so long ago.

However Tom Lamarche sums it up perfectly just at the end of this movie.

Sword Fork

February 19, 2009

Looking good.

One of the nicest ‘new’ forks I have seen for a while.
You have to love the 26″ ( 700c compatible ) SE landing gears though!

Peep more info here…FBM.

Duffy + SS + Coke = ?

February 19, 2009

“I know… those fixie wheel bikey things are cool, put her on one of them”

I don’t really know what to make of it me…
You kind of know it’s all gone a bit wrong when the media start to pick up on things.

Either way if it encourages more people to get on two wheels I am all for it.

Plus there is a Dolan in the video… props!

Big up to Butty for the link.

Vittoria Goodness pt 2

February 18, 2009

Next time I am buying two so I have one spare… I love them.

£11 from wiggle.


February 18, 2009

Calling all the fine readers of Spinwell.

I want to build a beater so…..
I need your frame… well not yours like the one you ride but maybe one you have lying around / chilling at the back of your garden, garage or shed.

I need anything sized between a 54cm and 57cm.

If any of you good people know of anything please get in touch and lets see what we can work out!

While on the subject Many thanks to John for Amy’s Raleigh Record. This summer it will be out in all it’s former glory, right after a set of wheels are attached and a lick of paint is applied.

Selle san Marco Goodness.

February 17, 2009

I didn’t realise this but you can actually buy saddles from the vintage 1935 collection direct from Selle San Marco for not a lot of money… well not comparing it to some Kashimax prices anyway.

Damn that Regal is looking good!


Spring in February.

February 17, 2009

Last night felt like one of those spring nights and it felt good.

Too Fast and Too Close.

February 15, 2009


“Have you ever needed to stop quickly on that?” Shamim asked me today while we took a breather after speeding down the Hagley road.

My answer to his question was simple “Yes, kinda, but I will usually look pretty far ahead to lower the need to stop quickly, or just go around”

Go around, ladies and gentlemen was what I tried to do today but unfortunately to no avail. I could not go around as I was hindered by what seemed to be a wall of cars and curbs.

I crashed. I crashed so bad that the right side of my face went through the rear window of a parked car which ended up with me going to A+E, in an ambulance.

She was traveling at approximately 20mph and I was right behind her… The light blue Volkswagen Polo that is. She stopped ( abruptly I might add ) in the middle of the road to let another car come through thus leaving me with a fraction of a second to find a way out of this sticky situation I had just gotten myself in. First I jam the rear wheel and brake, nope… Too close. Next, swerve to my left as my right side is packed by oncoming cars, Nope… Too fast ( I must have thought I was riding around a velodrome in the slipstream of a speeding motorcycle or something ). Smash!, Crack!, Shatter! I now find myself inside the rear window of a parked, stationary Audi A3 and it hurts. My head hurts like fu**ing hell, I feel like I just got a smack off the hardest geezer in the world.

“Oh my god are you ok, do you need an ambulance?” are the first words that I remember after impact, “No, No I am fine seriously” I replied, Then I managed to catch my reflection in the rear passenger side door of the A3. The right side of my face was running with blood like Niagra and I looked liked I had just been murdered.

The police and an ambulance had been called and the kind gentleman from the barbers or the carpet shop ( I can’t remember ) had hooked me up with a cloth out of his first aid kit to slow the bleeding, but before I could sit down and let the shock ensue I had to get back off home. I had left not only my phone, so no means of letting Amy know but I had also left my camera. Do you think I could smash a car window in with my face and not get a single picture? Forget it. The fine readers of Spinwell need to see this.

So I fu**ed up people and my apologies for the few profanities in this post but I am sure you can feel my pain. Yes I messed up real good,
I was going way too fast and way too close to the car in front with no ‘exit’ srategy and no ‘real’ brakes.

Pros and Cons debate on brakeless riding on the streets anyone?
I don’t know, I may have to have a mental tussle with myself on this one.

I am now home and resting, the hospital fixed me up nice… I have a huge swelling on my head, a stinking headache and 4 slashes on my face and ear… Oh and a healthy paranoia of having to pay the guy who’s window I smashed. Wounder! ( Literally )

The Dolan, my trusty steed, my ride, my whip, my bike, is cool, cool like ice. The only thing it has now, that it didn’t have before is the blood smeared white Velocity Deep V.


Fixed bits at OYB

February 13, 2009

Dan at On Your Bike alerted me to the fact that today they had a delivery of a few fixed and singlespeed bits.

Among the goodies are
SRAM cranks, Halo coloured tyres, cogs, nos rims and hubs. Soon enough we’ll have Primato and System ex hubs, Miche cranks, Truvativ omniums, shortly stocking Charge bikes, Surly etc etc.

So this is just the first batch of stuff in at OYB but Dan assures me that going forward ( that’s managers talk for in the future ) they will get more and more parts and if there is a high enough demand for other, more niche products they can get hold of them too… so kids please, leave Fleabay alone and try as much as you can to support your local store because if we don’t they will simply go out of business.

Imagine having to wait 2 days for an inner tube to be delivered, or going into Halfords ( The Man ) to grip your goods. That place is like Tesco with Bikes and Stereos… and Car mats. No thanks.


February 13, 2009

It seems that finally these are coming out.
The Vans Supercorsa.

I must have seen these well over a year ago via various leaked images on the net and I thought I would never get my mitts on a pair but no, my dreams will be coming true.

Inspired by cycling shoes from years gone by these
Vault Vans are so sick!

Peep me in the green ones this summer.
Check the 09 lookbook here

Thanks to Prolly for the heads up.

Amsterdam here I come!

February 12, 2009

I go to Amsterdam in a week or so ( I can’t wait ) and while I am there I am going to pay a visit here, to RIH.

Apparently they can build you a custom frame for between 1000 – 2000 euros. Ouch!
That’s a bit much for me but that aside I can’t get enough of old bike stores with loads of history and that is definately true with RIH.

Look out for a plethora of pics upon my return, oh and perhaps a very light wallet.

I am also looking to hook up with the guys from Rotterdam fixed… they seem like real nice guys and hopefully I can grip a tyre I have been after while I am out there too.

Kashimaximum Hotness.

February 11, 2009


日本の歴史あるサドルメーカー、カシマサドル製の名作、”KASHIMAX AERO/カシマックスエアロ”の復刻バージョンです。
カラー : ホワイトレザー

Damn! if only I could understand Japanese AND had the money to spend.

Seen at Bluelug

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