Amsterdam here I come!


I go to Amsterdam in a week or so ( I can’t wait ) and while I am there I am going to pay a visit here, to RIH.

Apparently they can build you a custom frame for between 1000 – 2000 euros. Ouch!
That’s a bit much for me but that aside I can’t get enough of old bike stores with loads of history and that is definately true with RIH.

Look out for a plethora of pics upon my return, oh and perhaps a very light wallet.

I am also looking to hook up with the guys from Rotterdam fixed… they seem like real nice guys and hopefully I can grip a tyre I have been after while I am out there too.

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5 Responses to “Amsterdam here I come!”

  1. Fixup Says:

    I’m gonna rde from france to dam with me mate mark in may if yer interested…

  2. Blacksmile Says:

    Yes Yes Yes…. Il chat to you when I see you again about this subject, I need to get my ass in training!

  3. Rotterdam Fixed Gear Says:

    Hey man! Sorry! I completely overread your email. Are you in the Netherlands this weekend? If you wanna come to Rotterdam give me a call 003####### ( edit ) I’m free on saturday and partially sunday. Sunday I’m in the studio with my friend, but we’re always up for a ride!! Hope you read this before you leave the Netherlands and if anyone of you guys know how to reach this guy, please let him know my phonenumber!

    Thanks and we hope to meet you!

    Stay Gold
    Rotterdam Fixed Gear!

  4. Fixup Says:

    no need for training man, shortest route is only 320 mile and we’ve booked 2 weeks off work (we’re going on sat the 9th and might come back sat 23rd – the following monday is a bank holiday too, which gives us an extra rest day). we’re gonna take it really easy, probably do about 50 miles per day at a slow pace (thats less than 10mph over 6 hours on average), and have a couple of days where we just chill in villages along the way.

  5. Fixup Says:

    oh and hopefully about 4 days in the dam / the rest of the netherlands

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