Rouleur Goodness


Issue 12 out now and it looks good.

I am going to be completely honest with you, the fine readers of Spinwell.

Up until last night I had never read a single word of Rouleur magazine, I kind of never got around to making the purchase but as luck would have it my home boy Alex came by the store yesterday afternoon to pass me some goodies.

Among other things, out of his little beige satchel came an old issue of Rouleur magazine from some time in 2008.

I took it home and forgot about it while I cut a steerer tube down from a pair of forks I had gotten from Kris at Ideal ( They are perfect mate, thanks ).

Just before bed time I remembered what I had in my bag, so I reached in and gripped Rouleur and started flipping pages, Amazing. I managed to get half way through in one sitting, reading every single word, sometimes twice. Tonight, I finish it.

Seriously, if you have a spare £9 get this… Great writing and Great photos from a source you can trust. Rapha.


5 Responses to “Rouleur Goodness”

  1. lee Says:

    yo. Fin says he has a front hub to sell

  2. lee Says:

    oh yeh I forgot to ask ya, or tell ya, erm… oh bollocks I forgot

  3. lee Says:

    Oh yesh I remember now… me and Thom went to see the Rouleur exhibition at the Transport Museum in Coventry, it was ace. I want to subscribe to the mag, but I dunno if I can justify paying that much for one magazine.

    What you up to on Friday 13th of March – fancy that alleycat in London?

  4. Blacksmile Says:

    There is a goodchance I am down for the alleycat me yeahman!
    Got fins digits???

  5. lee Says:

    nahman, actualy yeah i have, i’ll email them to ya,

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