She calls it “The Team Pro”.


After being donated a nice 531 Raleigh frame by Jon, a fine reader of Spinwell I set about ( slowly ) building this.

The follow up to the Raleigh Riva.


I felt more satisfaction building this than with my personal ride, perhaps due to the fact that I hadn’t just gripped a load of products off the internet for the build.

Almost every facet of this bike has come from someone or someplace different and all ( bar the grips ) came from round here, in Birmingham by way of friends and associates and on one occasion ( when the components to make up a front wheel were needed ) a retail establishment.

I contemplated powder coating it but no. There is a certain appeal about a cycle that looks like it has seen a decade or three. I feel ( especially with this one, having my favourite frame colourway and all ) that a coat of gloss would just erase the lot, not to mention the original decals.

I can’t wait to get my ‘beater’ bike built, I think I want it to look just like this.

To Jon – Thanks again!

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7 Responses to “She calls it “The Team Pro”.”

  1. shamim Says:

    Raleigh team colours are always nice.

  2. rhb Says:

    what’s the saddle?

  3. Glenbo Says:

    The bikes wicked where did you get those bar grips for the bike I want some

  4. Glenbo Says:

    Thank you so much mate

  5. She got another one. « Spinwell-Fixed wheel and singlespeed in Birmingham Says:

    […] I thought… A nice lightweight frameset for Amy to replace the slightly heavy “Team Pro”, the thing is I was going to paint the Team Pro for Amy anyway but thanks to Kevin this has saved […]

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