The Beater project.


The lady and I sometimes frequent bars and public houses and in the summer there can be nothing better than getting there by cycle.

I wanted a bike I would feel ok about leaving outside my local without the fear of it being stolen or vandalized, so I set about collating the parts for a ‘beater’.

I had a set of forks acquired from Kris at Ideal, a front wheel, the Rigida I lent to Amy for her “Team Pro”, I had tyres, a stem, bars, pedals and to begin with that was about it.

Last weekend all changed after a visit to the Derby cycle jumble with Hardy and Keiran when I managed to leave with very nearly the entire workings of a basic functioning bicycle, I couldn’t believe it, I got: A new old stock Faggin Pisa road frame, another Rigida DP18 rim for the rear in a funny golden colour, an old Dura Ace road crank, a Triplex aero seatpost and a new old stock “BMX” plastic saddle. Buzzing I was, I had spent hardly any money and managed to get pretty much all the parts to start, and finish the beater bike.

A wheel build and a wrestle with a bottom bracket later ( thanks Dan ) it is complete. I am going to swap out the stem and bar combo for a more traditional drop bar setup but I am just waiting to find a stem for my Cinelli Criteriums ( anyone got a Cinelli stem lying around ? holler ) apart from that the beater bike, the Faggin ( pronounced Fahzheen ) is done.


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9 Responses to “The Beater project.”

  1. Post your bikes - Page 2 - London Fixed-gear and Single-speed Says:

    […] Beater. […]

  2. shamim Says:

    Im jealous, I was after both a frame with the non-converging seatstay junction and some DP18’s for ages. Damn you got both!

  3. Gareth Says:

    Looks brilliant mate, a lot better than using a charge frame!

  4. ls Says:

    Nice but one thing missing. A proper beater bike needs a big basket on the front for bringing beers back home from the offy!

    • Blacksmile Says:

      You must be able to read minds… I plan on doing just that as soon as I can fashion some sort of bracket for it… oh and find a real nice shallow old wooden box.

  5. ls Says:

    That visit to Amsterdam obviously affected you! Don’t make the box too shallow

  6. Selle Italia Criterium « Spinwell-Fixed wheel and singlespeed in Birmingham Says:

    […] good, I’m looking forward to attaching it to the beater later on tonight as that plastic BMX saddle cannot be ridden on for longer than five minutes. Hardy […]

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  8. Faggin. « * SPINWELL CYCLING CLUB * Says:

    […] Oh the memories. […]

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