I used to ride trails, sure I did but in the mid to late nineties trails were never this good!

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2 Responses to “Elevation.”

  1. Fixup Says:

    They were! If you were lucky enough to live near some good ones! Sandhills trails in Burntwood were badd!

    I hate vids like this, they make me want to get back on me bmx, man the feeling of flowing thru a rhythm section is 10x better than sex!!! I can only imagine what it feels like to nail big tricks on every set of doubles. At the time, Kris Bennet’s trails section on the Demolition video made me jizz

  2. Fixup Says:

    oops, i forgot to add , BAN BACKFLIPS & FRONTFLIPS FROM TRAILS

    they are ugly tricks that should never be performed upon the sacred soil

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