She got another one.


I recently bought this frameset back after the friend who I initially sold it to had literally just taken it home and looked at it.

“Perfect” I thought… A nice lightweight frameset for Amy to replace the slightly heavy “Team Pro”, the thing is I was going to paint the Team Pro for Amy anyway but thanks to Kevin this has saved me a job.

Complete with Wine box retro-fitted to the front by me this is the perfect picnic and grocery getting bike and Amy is over the moon. Result.


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8 Responses to “She got another one.”

  1. Fixup Says:

    Dat bike looks wicked and bad you know man. MkII should have a cut-out in it so you can fit the front brake on!

  2. Fixup Says:

    Ooh wait the other picture looks like theres space for a front brake too. But how is the box attached to the bike other than by the front axle? I thought It was attached by a bracket that was bolted on with a bolt thru the front brake hole.

    • Blacksmile Says:

      There is space for a front brake, I just need to to buy one!
      Regarding the attachment… It is indeed attached via the front axle but also from behind the box joining up with the nut behind the stem, so all in all it is fixed in 3 places. She has tried it with groceries and it works a treat… the only downside are the vibrations that come through it in transit… It sounds like a bass bin or something!

  3. chris Says:

    is it bar spinable?

    • Blacksmile Says:

      Actually you can do a real nice 45deg barspin on it. On the streets I think they call it ‘Steering’? ; )

  4. LS Says:

    Very cool! 2 brackets looped over the handle bar might make it vibrate less and does it need holes to drain out rain? A bag like this might be useful - a good cause but pricey with the $.

    • Blacksmile Says:

      I think also rubber washers inbetween the contact points would help a little.

      I did think of that whole “brackets over the bar” method but I wanted to make it as Quick release as possible and as it stands you can whip the box off in the time it takes to unscrew three bolts… winner.

      Yes it does need drainage holes too… and maybe some wood treatment?

  5. LS Says:

    paint it pink to match the frame!

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