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I really want one of these…

March 24, 2009

Spider saddles by Tioga.

Big on Road.

March 23, 2009

Keirin Goodness.

March 23, 2009

On a regular visit to go buy some Keirin frames the guys over at The Flying Helmet managed to gain access to the Racer’s locker room. Upon entry their eyes were presented with a world of Keirin goodness and a track bike lover’s garden of Eden.


This is a wicked post by these guys so word up Flying Helmet!
Read the full story here.

Lugged Leather

March 23, 2009

Jacques Ferrand trained as a traditional leather cutter and sewer, and after 14 years of apprenticeship, set up his own shop, Crèvecoeur (23 r. Des Blancs Manteaux, Paris, France). He normally works on bags, shoes, and belts, either directly for customers under the name Etablissements Ferrand, or for labels such as Hermès.

Every inch of the frame is covered in thin leather, down to the lugs and tightest spots of the bottom bracket, and the saddle and grips are in ostrich leather. Although some thin chrome vintage tubular rims would have worked better, and maybe a road bike with baskets and mudguards would have been more fitting than a track bike with risers, this is a rather impressive demonstration of his craft.

I guess nothing is impossible!


Via Arkitip

Critical Thrash results

March 22, 2009


I am wounded. I could not enter due to work commitments, so you guys are lucky or you would have been dealing with the winner right here! Joke. Next time though seriously, I am absolutely burning to race… so much so that when I do manage to get to an event we could end up with another “too fast and too close” episode. Christ! I hope not. I need to calm my ass down.


The Beater project.

March 19, 2009

The lady and I sometimes frequent bars and public houses and in the summer there can be nothing better than getting there by cycle.

I wanted a bike I would feel ok about leaving outside my local without the fear of it being stolen or vandalized, so I set about collating the parts for a ‘beater’.

I had a set of forks acquired from Kris at Ideal, a front wheel, the Rigida I lent to Amy for her “Team Pro”, I had tyres, a stem, bars, pedals and to begin with that was about it.

Last weekend all changed after a visit to the Derby cycle jumble with Hardy and Keiran when I managed to leave with very nearly the entire workings of a basic functioning bicycle, I couldn’t believe it, I got: A new old stock Faggin Pisa road frame, another Rigida DP18 rim for the rear in a funny golden colour, an old Dura Ace road crank, a Triplex aero seatpost and a new old stock “BMX” plastic saddle. Buzzing I was, I had spent hardly any money and managed to get pretty much all the parts to start, and finish the beater bike.

A wheel build and a wrestle with a bottom bracket later ( thanks Dan ) it is complete. I am going to swap out the stem and bar combo for a more traditional drop bar setup but I am just waiting to find a stem for my Cinelli Criteriums ( anyone got a Cinelli stem lying around ? holler ) apart from that the beater bike, the Faggin ( pronounced Fahzheen ) is done.


Wolverhampton Track Training.

March 18, 2009

Found on the London FGSS forum.

If anyone is interested, my club has started it’s Monday night fixed wheel training sessions at Aldersley stadium from 8 to 9pm.

It’s open to riders of all abilities, just bring your fixed bike (no brakes, drop bars) a helmet and three of your finest pounds. We do have club bikes that can be used, but club members get priority and you’ll need shoes with Keo cleats.

The sessions cover basic track and group riding skills along with track race practise (Devil, Points, Kierin – we have two dernys) along with some Team pursuiting and the chance to set times in a flying 200m, Kilo etc

Summer is only around the corner and I think this may just be the ticket to shift some of those winter gained pounds, so you may find me going along for a bit of a sprint closeley followed by a vomit.

Track Punks

March 18, 2009

Lee over at the Birmingham Fixed blogsite let me know about this.

Should be a seriously bumper event if last year’s Helloween was anything to go by.

I hope to see all crews representing… including Hardy, Josh, Arjun, Os R, Keiran, Tom, Nick… All the mans!

I have a lot of making up to do from the last time I raced Hardy and Tom and lost badly due to a boozy Xmas hangover.


Absolut BCN.

March 17, 2009

Loving this Ad campaign.

The global concept In an absolut world was transfered into different local realities.
In an absolut world in barcelona you’d go by bike. A smokeless Barcelona, without traffic jams, where bike is the main transport.

Via Aduana.


Style Council Goodness

March 17, 2009

This music video probably owes more to the ‘Mod’ scene than it does to cycling, as Paul Weller the lead singer for The Style Council was a big fan of all things ‘Mod’, so big infact that he is even known as the ‘Modfather’ to some.

The original Mods in the early sixties would adopt various styles and items of clothing like the army surplus ‘Fishtail Parka’ and make it their own. One short lived fad during the first Mod period was to wear cycling jerseys and cycling shoes, solely for fashion and absolutely never for function.

So there we have it… perhaps the inspiration for this:

Strapped and still rolling.

March 16, 2009

This amazing heads up was passed to me by my good friend Glenn and might I say what a damn fine heads up it is.

It has nothing to do with bicycles but I think you will agree it is well worthy of a Spinwell post.

‘Carts of Darkness’ in short is a documentary about a selection of homeless people in Canada who earn a crust by collecting recyclable goods and then cashing said goods in for an amount of money.

The film itself is brilliant but what is more brilliant and extraordinary is what seems to have come out of this can collecting game on the North Shore – One of the most gnarly things I have ever seen and quite possibly the cheapest and easiest extreme sport you could get into.

Please forgive me for my vagueness thus far and peep this sh*t!

Watch the full length movie here then go buy the DVD.

Velocity Deeper V.

March 13, 2009

I heard a week or so ago about Velocity raising their game to compete with what seems to be the new market leader for deep aluminium track rims… The H plus Son Formation face and SL 42.

So now Velocity have released pictures of their newest creation, the ‘B43’. Named so ( amongst other reasons ) due to it’s depth, 43mm.


Velocity’s President John Black talks about their new rim:

“We are working hard on getting this rim to market. If all goes as planned, they should be readily available this spring. It is called the B43, because it is 43mm tall, making it 1mm taller than our very worthy and formidable competition.

It’s hard to compare it to the Deep V. The B43 will be heavier than the Deep V, it’s hard to say how much yet.

As for multiple drillings of the B43, we do plan on that, you guys doing tricks have been evolving and you’re at the point now where you are doing some rather insane manuevers. We were not thinking of going down to a 28h though. Less spokes is usually indicitive of some one wanting light weight, the B43 will not be light.

It is a work in progress, we have actually received two different batches of extrusion and we are not quite satisfied yet. We are seriously considering modifying the design again and making the B43 wider. Can you imagine a 43mm tall rim by 24mm wide with 48 holes?!?! I’d say that would be just about bullet proof.

We definitely plan on doing a variety of drillings, at least 32h, 36h, and 48h. 650c will happen eventually. A variety of colors too. While they won’t be the lightest rim on the planet, they shouldn’t be a boat anchor either. The final product should be somewhere between 710 to 730 grams. We could make it lighter, but durability is our main concern.

As for price, it looks like we’ll at least be competitive. Making good rims is not a cheap endeavor, sure we could source them out and have them made in China, but that would be selling out in my opinion.”

The only thing these rims may have over their Japanese competition is the finishes on the rims… You know like being able to have wheels that look like Wood or snakeskin!

I run Deep V’s on my bike and I rate them, I have never had a problem with them but some people on the internet have been rubbishing Velocity for coming out with this rim ‘apparently’ just to be deeper but I say…

Fair play to them, this is a business right? If I made wheels and someone introduced a ‘better’ one I would of course endeavour to make an even ‘better’ one. This is the only reason we now have the technology that we do, because those who have ideas and have the facilities to put them into action are constantly striving to be ( in the words of Daft Punk ) better, stronger and faster.

I will however not be buying these nor H plus sons rims as I am slowly turning my back on Deep V style rims and the moment I find a suitable Low profile replacement my wheels are up for sale.

Nagasawa Book Project.

March 12, 2009

I know nothing about this apart from what the front cover looks like.

Scouting the internet brings only information in either french, Italian or Japanese and I dare say they are probably only saying something like what I say in the first line of this post anyway.

The mystery!


Via Hype in Japan which appears to be a blog based in France.

Rapha Prototypes on the TOC.

March 12, 2009

The Tour of California really is what its name suggests, a tour. A week of riding, averaging 100 miles a day in the most culturally, socially and geographically diverse state in the country. Everyday exposed to a staggering range of climates and topography. That it’s held in February, a decidedly winter month, only compounds the difficulties of dressing properly – for comfort, performance and ultimately for victory.

We know this because we rode it. Each stage brought with it unique challenges and circumstances; we slogged through rain and mud, pushed over hills and up mountains, endured hours of valley flats, rode into headwinds, through cross winds and down coastlines. In seven days and nine stages we tested, and tested hard, our limitations as riders as well as those of the products we relied on. We went down with a batch of Rapha products in various states of development or design that we peppered into our race bags in hopes to find what worked, what needed improvement, what we liked or didn’t. We had a Stowaway made from a new fabric – essentially a laminated version of the current Stowaway fabric – some racing mitts, leg warmers, and a Classic Jersey with a slightly different Sportwool blend for trial. This is what we learned.

She calls it “The Team Pro”.

March 11, 2009

After being donated a nice 531 Raleigh frame by Jon, a fine reader of Spinwell I set about ( slowly ) building this.

The follow up to the Raleigh Riva.


I felt more satisfaction building this than with my personal ride, perhaps due to the fact that I hadn’t just gripped a load of products off the internet for the build.

Almost every facet of this bike has come from someone or someplace different and all ( bar the grips ) came from round here, in Birmingham by way of friends and associates and on one occasion ( when the components to make up a front wheel were needed ) a retail establishment.

I contemplated powder coating it but no. There is a certain appeal about a cycle that looks like it has seen a decade or three. I feel ( especially with this one, having my favourite frame colourway and all ) that a coat of gloss would just erase the lot, not to mention the original decals.

I can’t wait to get my ‘beater’ bike built, I think I want it to look just like this.

To Jon – Thanks again!

Another night another carpark

March 10, 2009


New Keirin Ad.

March 10, 2009

Win the FGLDN X VANS bike.

March 9, 2009


“This is your chance to show off your Fixed Gear bike skills and win the FGLDN Custom Vans Bike.

We’re looking for a 2-3 minute max short film about you riding – the subject matter can be anything, it’s not just about the tricks but must be based around Fixed Gear bike riding only. The best video, judged by FixedGearLondon will get their hands on the one of a kind, never to be built again, custom bike created by FGL showcasing their interpretation of what a Vans fixed bike should be.

Entries will be judged on creativity, not riding ability…so whether you are a novice or expert we want to see your video! Get busy filming – courier, alley cat fanatic, polo player, tricks or commuting – get filming and submit your video to the mpora/fixed channel.

Fixedgearlondon will solely pick the winner. The competition is not based on the amount of views or hits you receive – all videos will be watched and judged by Andy and Ted themselves. Get involved!”


Nike Fixed Sneakers.

March 9, 2009

Not sure what these are called but I know they are based on the Nike Tiempo football sneaker.

I am into them. I know I have said that Vans Aunthentics are the only shoes I will wear but my feet will probably say something completely different.

I have been thinking about wearing something like an Adidas Gazelle or a Samba for a while but the colours are not doing it for me, however with these I could be tempted… Stiff sole unit, durable materials and most importantly a padded toe box.

Each shoe is designed by a rider from a City; Tokyo, SF, NYC, Paris, Berlin, Austin and London and are penned to be released this summer.

Via Prolly.


For those who love to rip.

March 8, 2009

More details here.

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