GTB Hotness!


For sale. Straight from Hong Kong.


Damn! I love these and the Pulses… At 58cm they are a bit too big for me plus the fact I don’t know how much they are. Listen to me, I am talking like I am in the market for actually purchasing one of these. Not the case, if I were though I would be looking for a Black GT Pulse. Now there is a seriously hot frame!

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2 Responses to “GTB Hotness!”

  1. Fixup Says:

    I hate everything about GT bikes, but there’s something about the GT track frames that makes me want one… Perhaps it’s the rarity, I don’t know, but I’d love one. I first spotted one on Knarf’s blog when I used to read it every day ( see ) – although the one on Knarf’s blog is actually a GT road bike with track dropouts replacing the front-facing dropouts.

    • Blacksmile Says:

      I loved them until they went bust and were taken over by Halfords ( I think ) now they are quite simply shit. However these track frames espesh the Pulse are beauty personified. I cannot get enough of them, and would buy one at the drop of a hat… if presented one when I had the peas of course!

      An old friend had a 16″ Zaskar – It was so sick! I myself had an RTS – an early suspension frame that was, well, crap. I wanted an LTS so bad though but unfortunately never got one 😦

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