What the hell are these?


Apparently they are called Airwalk and are available via Airwalk for $38 each. $38??? Isn’t that like £30… Wow that is cheap! What are they made of, Coke cans?

BTW… Isn’t Airwalk that wack brand from the 90s that was like a fake version of Vans made for blonde haired surfer ‘dudes’?

I am really not sure about these… not one bit.

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One Response to “What the hell are these?”

  1. Fixup Says:

    Regardless of the brand, they are undoubtedly from the same factory as all the other cheap deep section rims out there, just with a different name stickered on them.

    Rigida DP-18’s, Keymet XR-300s and Velocity Deep V’s are pretty much exactly the same and come from the same factory in Taiwan or wherever it is they are made…

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