Obree and the Hour Record


In an interview in Cycling Plus magazine reveals that Obree (43 ) says he is training to beat the current hour record but this time on a standard double triangle steel framed ‘safety’ bicycle. He says “I’m not saying that I will break the hour record, but I am aspiring to do it.”


Since the UCI banned anything other than standard bicycles with spoked wheels the distances and records have somewhat fell off but Obree plans to remedy that… on this:


As he did with his previous hour records, Obree has built his own bike for this attempt. It’s made out of Reynolds 653 tubing and weighs over the UCI limit of 6.8 kilos. “I’ve built it within the limiting factors of the regulations,” he said. “It’s deliberately long so my arms are stretched onto the drops for the best aero position. It’s also longer at the rear as this puts weight towards the front of the bike.”

The bike also features another Obree trademark, a huge gear: 138 inches (67×13) to be exact. He’s been pedaling this on his evening training sessions, which typically last between two and two-and-a-half hours.

The current record, using ‘modern’ UCI rules, is 49.7km, held by Czech Ondrej Sosenka. In the past, when the rules allowed for more aerodynamic bikes, Obree twice broke the record: 51.596km in 1993 and 52.713km in 1994.

Go on Graeme! I am rooting for you.

Via Bike Radar.

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3 Responses to “Obree and the Hour Record”

  1. dan Says:

    that’s going to be my next gear ratio

  2. GenghisKhan Says:

    Funny, that’s MY gear ratio for my single speed mountain bike… ;o)

    Seriously, though, I couldn’t pedal that far in any gear ratio in an hour even if that road were downhill and I had a kindly tail wind. Dude’s tough.

  3. Fixup Says:

    Well that’s obvious really isn’t it, because if you were able to do that then you’d be a contender for the hour record.

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