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Weekend Workers!

June 30, 2009

As I said yesterday we weekend workers must Revolt!

So get yourself together for next tuesday when the heatwave ( said in a whispering voice ) will be truly upon us and the Weekend Workers Fixed Gear Social Club ( WWFGSC ) will get moving.

More deets to follow and as I said, please get intouch with suggestions and perhaps an idea of whether you can or cannot make it so I can try to accommodate everyone.

Any out of town cats feeling this?
Where is my Wolves massive at!?

Gran Compe Goodness.

June 30, 2009


Via Chari and Co.


June 30, 2009


Oh dear, what have we here?

Look at it… the whole front end should not be there. I give it just a few weeks before everything attached to the headtube gets completely rejected, just like this dude and when it does I really hope he posts pictures.


Via 14.

Pursuit bikes on Flickr.

June 30, 2009




Weekend Workers Revolt!

June 29, 2009


After chatting with Josh it became quite obvious that the weekend workers need something, something to get them ( and me ) involved in the action.

I hear and see the words ‘Alleycat’, ‘Race’, ‘Ride’ and my eyes light up… then I see the words ‘Saturday’ or ‘Sunday’. Rubbish, I work most Saturdays and some Sundays.

That is where this comes in…
Josh coined it the “Weekend Workers Fixed Gear Social Club” and it is basically this:
In the month of July our evenings are hella long and as you all know we don’t see a proper sunset until around 10pm so weekend workers this one is for you.

Throughout the month of July, every Tuesday night at 7pm we will depart from the city centre and head out to the countryside for a 2 – 3 hour ride, nothing too hardcore just a nice merry cycle to get the heart and lungs working and more importantly for the socializing! Don’t worry newbies either as we will incorporate a few stops en route for the folks with burning legs and wheezy chests and no doubt a pub stop later on for those who like a sip of the amber nectar.

If anyone has any questions about this or has a problem with the time or day please get in-touch as it would be nice to accommodate all of you and by the way, these rides are for anyone not just the WW.

I will post more details about the destination and meeting place tomorrow.

New Project.

June 29, 2009


This is a 50s Triang kids tricycle and it cost me all of £6, yesterday from my favourite Welsh car boot sale: Tuffins. I am not entirely sure why I bought it but I am happy I did.

I hate fixed gear tshirts.

June 29, 2009

But these are pretty rad.


From Tokyofixedgear.
via Fixedgearleeds.

Oops, I did it again.

June 26, 2009

“What more tyres?” Is what she will say when I get home tonight.

The white one isn’t mine though folks I promise, that is my boy Dan’s for his new White Velocity and the Red ones are of course mine… all the way from Landan.

I saw them whilst at Tour de Ville T’other day and I simply couldn’t resist. Even if they sit in my cupboard marinading for a few months they are still worth it.

Red tan wall Vredestein Ricorso’s… Ouch!

tyresss 002

Framebuilding Friday.

June 26, 2009

Take a peak inside the Kansai based workshop of Kusaka San: Master framebuilder of Kinfolk and Vivalo.


Absolutely stunning photographs with more on the Flickr.
Via ways and Means.

The Stelvio.

June 25, 2009


Anyone fancy doing it with me?.. Roadtrip!

Coppi Mania.

June 25, 2009


“There’s a man alone ahead. His jersey is white and blue. His name is Fausto Coppi.” It was 1949 and the stage was Cuneo – Pinerolo, Giro d’Italia of course. The radio was the only way to follow the Giro at that time… and fans across Italy listened as one man on a bicycle taught a broken country to heal itself.

Read the rest of this amazing article here on Pez Cycling News.

Play on words.

June 25, 2009

Nice tees and 50% of the profits are going to the EHBPC in London
this August. Fair play. ( Please excuse the pun )



Comeplaypolo via Jol.

Matthew the Horse.

June 25, 2009

Looks like Matthew sent these images allover the world as I see them popping up on all the blogs! No worries, there is nothing wrong with spreading your bets.


And because Dilla was / is my Hero…


Nice work Matthew.

Thanks Posty.

June 24, 2009

Today after a wait over the weekend my tyres came!

tyre 001

I have been rolling on an absolutely beautiful NOS Michelin tan wall for a few months now and while I do have another for the rear I have limited the use strictly for the front as I know for a fact that on the rear the Michelins would last no longer than a few days.

That is where these bad boys come in… With quite a thick TPI these will last a while and it also means that I get to put on a pair of tyres, on a pair of wheels, something I have wanted ever since I got my Raleigh, I am going for that authentic ‘tubs’ look you see. Up until this point I have been on a low profile rim on the front with my Michelin and a Black Schwalbe Stelvio / Black deep V on the rear but no more… It is pairs from here on in!

So they arrived this morning and I was so stoked with them that I immediately went to order another pair but to my surprise I found they had sold out, they were only £9.95 too! I was even going to open it up to all you guys too so you could get your tan wall fix too but alas, all gone.


June 24, 2009

Classic design by the Don that is Peter Saville.

In my opinion this Tee is perfect without any type on it at all and if it has to have any it must be the words ‘Joy’ and ‘Division’ as they are blatantly one of the bands in my top ten all time faves. Nice idea but some things are best left untouched.


Seen here.
Grip here.

New Frames in…

June 24, 2009

… at the NJS frames and parts supermarket. And for those like myself who have been waiting it looks like the new website will be up shortly too.




Get Involved.

June 23, 2009

Seen this on LFGSS.


Start: Pattingham Village Hall 8.30am Sunday 19th July 2009

Once again we are pleased to present our annual cycling challenge, open to all cyclists, this is not a race but a challenging ride through Staffordshire and Shropshire’s beautiful countryside.

A change of scene this year, with the first two thirds of the event, free from all steep hills etc. First running through Staffordshire, then into flat Shropshire, but watch for the sting in the tail on the last third. All mainly on quite or unclassified roads, with proper facilities at the morning and afternoon check stops.

A warm welcome is extended to all our regular supporters, plus any new comers who wish to come along and experience a thoroughly enjoyable day out on the bike at your own pace. Usual light refreshments available (all included in price) at the start, morning and afternoon stops and finish. Lunch can be taken at any of the wonderful village pubs that you will pass by on the way round. Small prize awarded to all finishers.

Entry fee: £7.00 (in advance)

Entry Forms: Gil Parkes, 2 Trimpley Gardens, Penn, Wolverhampton WV4 5PG

Tel: 07949 841578

Anyone up for it… sounds like a nice jolly day out cycling to me and I quite fancy it. I reckon it would be real nice to get out with some ‘older’ cats on their tourers.

Check it here.

Letterlust’s Photostream.

June 23, 2009

On Flickr. This Letterlust has some great scans of vintage cycling publications including this one… The art of easy cycling so hit the link and go peep.


Via 14 Bike Co.

Nice pics.

June 23, 2009

I am into these pics, mainly because of the fact that they are using a newly discovered ( to me ) photography technique called ’tilt and shift’ where you use an offset lens to mess around with the depth of field and angle of your shot. Best of all though as you can see in these photographs is that you can get your subjects to look like miniature models. Oh the fun!

Nice work Lil J.

Graphic goodness.

June 23, 2009


Spotted over at Hipster Nascar.

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