Nice pics.


I am into these pics, mainly because of the fact that they are using a newly discovered ( to me ) photography technique called ’tilt and shift’ where you use an offset lens to mess around with the depth of field and angle of your shot. Best of all though as you can see in these photographs is that you can get your subjects to look like miniature models. Oh the fun!

Nice work Lil J.

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4 Responses to “Nice pics.”

  1. ls Says:

    You can make tilt shift photos here
    my efforts were poor!

  2. Fixup Says:

    I suppose it’s a bit different to the usual uses of tilt & shift (e.g. straightening out converging lines on architectural photography) but I’m surprised people aren’t bored of it yet, as it seems to be popping up in exhibitions all over the shop, but quite the opposite, it seems people all over the place are going crazy over it! The first time I saw that effect was when someone used it when covering the 2005 olympics and won a World Press Photo award… Thing is, with an actual tilt & shift lens, the perspective is adjusted when you tilt the lens. All that these post-processing toys seem to do is add a bluurring mask to reproduce a false shallow depth of field effect, but no perspective adjustment… surely that’s just a reproduction of tilt effect, but not shift! In which case the site should be called

  3. Fixup Says:

    oops, I meant to say “with an actual tilt & shift lens, the perspective is adjusted when you shift the lens”

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