Weekend Workers Revolt!



After chatting with Josh it became quite obvious that the weekend workers need something, something to get them ( and me ) involved in the action.

I hear and see the words ‘Alleycat’, ‘Race’, ‘Ride’ and my eyes light up… then I see the words ‘Saturday’ or ‘Sunday’. Rubbish, I work most Saturdays and some Sundays.

That is where this comes in…
Josh coined it the “Weekend Workers Fixed Gear Social Club” and it is basically this:
In the month of July our evenings are hella long and as you all know we don’t see a proper sunset until around 10pm so weekend workers this one is for you.

Throughout the month of July, every Tuesday night at 7pm we will depart from the city centre and head out to the countryside for a 2 – 3 hour ride, nothing too hardcore just a nice merry cycle to get the heart and lungs working and more importantly for the socializing! Don’t worry newbies either as we will incorporate a few stops en route for the folks with burning legs and wheezy chests and no doubt a pub stop later on for those who like a sip of the amber nectar.

If anyone has any questions about this or has a problem with the time or day please get in-touch as it would be nice to accommodate all of you and by the way, these rides are for anyone not just the WW.

I will post more details about the destination and meeting place tomorrow.

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6 Responses to “Weekend Workers Revolt!”

  1. kieran Says:

    Are the unemployed welcome too? Me and brother just found possibly the nicest route in warwickshire ever today, free from cars, but beautiful surfaces. I should really show this one to you Gavin its pretty special.

  2. dan Says:

    i can’t make it tonight because the wife is performing in rocky horror. next week though…

  3. chris Says:

    chuck in the odd thursday night and im there!

  4. hardy Says:

    kieran your special.

  5. kieran Says:

    Calling me a spastic Hardy?

  6. Another Reminder. « Spinwell-Fixed wheel and singlespeed in Birmingham Says:

    […] By Blacksmile Weekend Workers Fixed Gear Social Club… Soon […]

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