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Colnago Seriousness.

July 31, 2009


Seen here.

Rapha news.

July 31, 2009


Rapha, everyone’s favoutite british cycling team announce three new sponsors.

The Rapha Condor Professional Cycling Team, home to the current men’s national road race champion, today announced the signing of three new sponsorship deals that will bring some household names to their distinctive jersey. Sharp Electronics, Paul Smith Jeans and Malmaison Hotel Group will be supporting the team for the remainder of 2009.

The deals mark a watershed in cycling sponsorship and the sport, with a number of premier household brands entering a market that has traditionally been dominated by names from within the industry and lesser known brands. The support and interest from such cool brands is a real breakthrough.

Read more at Rapha condor.

Nike rides out.

July 31, 2009





Fixed gear bikes. English countryside. Hills. Lots of hills. Unexpected hills. Flat tires. Wrong turns. Fish and chips. Cows.

Starting in London, the crew mounted their bikes en route to Dieppe, France. The first challenge was first to get out of the cramped downtown city, with threatening cars and unknown traffic signals. With London superboy, Superted leading the pack, they navigated their way out easily and soon found themselves breathing fresher air and seeing greener pastures.

Read more of the road trip here on Nike Sportswear.

Jol Trick Steez.

July 30, 2009

For those not into clips and straps these might just be the ticket. I hated the look of ‘Feetbelts’ and everything else like them but these are great. No over the top graphics and no silly colours… perfect.


After over 6 months of testing, JOL/Gurney Straps are finally ready for launch.

We have been testing our concept of hardware-free bicycle footstraps in a number of different guises over this time and feel we have perfected this product in the culmination of the Gurney Strap.

The concept was born from straps failing at the hardware/join point so we decided to remove this element all together. Our multi-directional hook&loop layer system prevents strap movement while being infinitely adjustable.

The construction of the straps provides rigidity to allow for easy entry and keeps the foot comfortably secure while riding.

Whether for Bike Polo, Freestyle or general riding, Gurney Straps provide a solid, adjustable and comfortable solution to foot/pedal interface.

£30 from here.

Leader Trick Steez.

July 30, 2009

As far as trick specific frames go these Leaders look pretty good, however I would love to see one with a set of wheels in.

My favourite element on these has to be the heavy ass gusseting on the head cluster… Reminds me a lot of my old downhill bike after I cracked it and had a pal weld some sh*t on!


Via Pedalconsumption.

Hotness at TDV.

July 30, 2009



We’ve got 2 new complete bikes on offer here at Tour de Ville.

A very nice Gazelle from the early eighties with a full Shimano Dura Ace group set and a Colnago Team Wordperfect replica with a Suntour groupset. The Colnago was ridden by the Dutch Wordperfect team from the early nineties. They only sponsered the team for 1 year and after that the sponsering was taken over by Rabobank.

Gazelle: £ 895,-
Colnago: £ 795,-

I am an absolute sucker for a downtube mounted friction shifter!

Via TDV.

I Love Paris.

July 29, 2009

So I have not long been back from Paris and after sifting through what seems like thousands of photographs I have finally sorted out enough to post.

Now I could quite easily sit here and ramble on about how amazing it was to see all the pro riders whizzing by at speed and how excited I was to be a small part of Le grand finale but I will let my weak photographs do all of the rambling for me!


View the whole set on Flickr.

Au Revoir.

July 23, 2009


No more posts till next week.

I’m off to Paris for the final stage of the Tour de France… So see you all next week when Spinwell returns!

Oh before I go I must say a big well done to my main man Joe who has just returned home from completing the Mont Ventoux stage of the TdF in just under 8 hours… Boom! Now that is some good going.

Kinfolk Hotness.

July 22, 2009


Seen at Macaframa.
Photograph courtesy of the Kinfolk Flickr.


July 22, 2009

Dp18s at TDV.

July 22, 2009


32 Holes, a bunch of finishes, new old stock and £120 a pair!
Ouch, isn’t inflation a bummer? I paid £8.

Tour de Ville.

Right now…

July 21, 2009

I am mainly wiling out over Zunow bikes, Andy this post is for you.





July 21, 2009


Until this blasted rain stops our weekly Tuesday rides are off people.

It hurts me to know that our ‘Summer’ is passing us by while we are busy staring out of our windows into puddles on the floor outside, watching the rain drops fall like bombs onto our spirits, but fear not my friends! Our time will come.

Clock This.

July 21, 2009

This has got to be the coolest thing for city cyclists right now, the Trek Time Watch.

No buttons, no wires, no speedo, no nothing… just a simple analogue clock for your bike. Genius.

Approx £15 from here.

Edinburgh ‘Veledrome’

July 21, 2009

Beautiful photographs here spotted at various places around the web but taken from ‘Served’.

I am especially liking photograph number four here as you can see a whole stack of Team Raleigh tracks lined up… My favourite!






The Meadowbank stadium complex in Edinburgh hides its treasure. Removed from the floodlights and stands of the main arena and practice pitches, tucked between council estates and a train track is a building that looks like the changing rooms. This is the Meadowbank velodrome. You have to walk along a wire fence to reach it. Yet to those who aware of it’s existence none of these aesthetics matter as they are all part of the outside world. A tunnel needs to be used to access the inner sanctum. Once inside you are surrounded, literally, by speed, grace and passion. A triple Olympian’s nursery.

It is one of only a few outdoor velodromes left in the UK and contains within its teak boards, blackened by tire rubber over decades, a history that can never be relocated or replaced. It is however due to be demolished. The riders who still use it twice a week to race and train, the parents of the children who are coached to the highest levels of international sport, and the guys who simply care about it too much to even contemplate it not being there are lobbying to keep it. This ongoing project is my attempt to be part of that process. I have ridden there, watched the races and talked for hours with gurus whose knowledge is even older than the teak. I want it to survive because of it’s beauty and by showing this to others is how I hope to help.

1989 Duell Track Pursuit.

July 20, 2009

Here it is, my most recent acquisition, a full columbus SLX 1989 Duell track pursuit frame in fantastic condition.

Built with what parts I had lying around it is now absolutely and perfectly rideable but I am still on the lookout for a few ‘choice’ parts… Namely a Steel, 65 degree drop variation of the Nitto ‘Jaguar’ stem, somesort of chrome aero seatpost and a set of decent cranks, oh and that white tyre has got to go! But for now I marinade and simply enjoy it.

It is a bit like riding permanently on the drops but the fact it takes a 700c up front makes it a little more forgiving on your wrists, thank goodness! The sheer tightness of the frame makes toe overlap a bit of an issue but not too much of a big deal, I mean it is not like I plan on doing barspins or anything! This thing is made to go fast in a straight line and that is what will continue to be done.






Holga Goodness.

July 17, 2009


I have a couple of Lomos myself so as you could imagine I am into these BIG. Real creepy stuff… reminds me of Leatherface for some reason!

Via Zlog.


July 17, 2009


Wow, the attention to detail on this frame is something else… Just peep all that webbing, and that BB shell sure has to be one of the best looking I have seen.

Zunow you got it going on.

Via Chari and Co.

Crank arm Steady.

July 17, 2009


Singapore Fixed Gear looking healthy.

Via Crank arm Steady.

Fausto Coppi.

July 16, 2009


Fausto Coppi riding in the 1952 Tour de France… Man I love a scan!

Photos courtesy of Ddsiple on Flickr.

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