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Wants List.

July 16, 2009



July 15, 2009

So last nights ride was cancelled due to bad weather, and by the looks of it the rain that we are currently experiencing will persist well into next week so unfortunately the WWFGSC will be on hold until the Lord sees fit for us to have this Heatwave we are so deserved of.

To keep me and hopefully you guys sane and eager to get out riding here is a pic of my Raleigh basking beside me in the sun at Cannon Hill park a couple weeks back, oh the memories!


As always, keep em peeled on Spinwell and on your mobile communication device for updates on rides.

By the way, Luke and Callum it was nice to meet you last night and I am sorry you had a wasted journey but keep your fingers crossed and next week we should be rolling!

Joe’s Pinarello for sale.

July 15, 2009

I am not really one for posting items that are for sale but my man Joe has helped me out in the past so I am about to hook this brother up.


This is one Gorgeous frame and also perfect for anyone looking to build something a little bit special. Peep that 80s fade, I love it!

If anyone is interested please get in-touch and I will pass on your details.

Anyone Twittering?

July 15, 2009


I am, and since I cannot get Eurosport either at home or at work I will be following the Tweet De France from today, any Spinwell readers using Twitter?

Thanks Tracko.

Chromed out.

July 15, 2009


Brick lane Bikes, the store everybody loves to hate has just got these in. The chrome is the one for me here and also quite a good alternative to anyone looking for and not finding a set of NOS Rigida DP18.

Kevin, perhaps this is what you have been waiting for?


WWFGSC Reminder.

July 14, 2009


The Weekend Workers Fixed Gear Social Club is on, Tonight!

On thing though, I am baffled by the BBC’s weather indicator as one of them says ‘Showers’ and the other one, on the same website I might add says ‘Dry’. Hmmmm. So keep your mobile communications devices near your person for a mass tx message update coming out to you some time this afternoon.

Here are the details again for anyone who missed them!

7.10pm – Pigeon Park, Birmingham.
7.30pm – Hare and Hounds, Kings Heath.
7.45pm – Maypole Island, Alcester Rd.

Then we proceed out towards Earlswood lakes and a nearby local boozer for banter, heckling, and bicycle rubbishing ie: “mines better than yours” that type of thing.

Hopefully see you all later.

ps. If you are interested in joining and have not yet emailed me your number please do so using the ‘Get intouch’ tab located on the top right of this page.

Vintage Hotness.

July 14, 2009


This Berlin based fellow has a collection of bikes that is sicker than most, seriously he has some killer bicycles and I would potentially do ( almost ) anything for the chromed out C.B.T Italia he has… Ouch!

Go check out his steez as he individually details each of his bikes with a whole bunch of photographs, which is nice.

Many thanks to Kris for the linky.

Bike Polo.

July 14, 2009

Tomorrow night.


Fin, the man who has single handedly brought Bike Polo to Birmingham has set up a regular game, commencing every Wednesday at 6.20pm at Calthopre Park, just off the Pershore road.

I believe he has all the gear you need ( Mallets ) so you can just turn with your whip and get involved.

If you have the time and have never tried polo you really must give it a go as it may just be the most fun you could possible have on a bike whilst waving a stick about.

Go here for updates.


July 13, 2009


Tomorrow night as planned.

The BBC weather site says it will be a little cloudy and maybe one or two light showers so I guess that means we are good to go. Agreed?

This time will go a slightly different route to take in the beautiful Earlswood lakes, then a trip to the local ale house for light refreshments and a bite of my favourite cheese and onion roll.

7.10pm Pigeon Park.
7.30pm Hare and Hounds, Kings Heath.
7.45pm Maypole island.

keep em peeled for tx messages and updates.

Brent Humphreys.

July 13, 2009





These are just some of great photographs taken by the man Brent Humphreys.

Just check those colours! Absolute professional, Brent your a don.

Cheers Lee for the heads!


July 13, 2009

Ade down at Sprocket cycles just got these in.


Really nice folding tan wall ‘Criterium’ joints that will bless any vintage build. I am not entirely sure of the cost but I know they are cheap so go grip yourself a pair… Even if it just for the packaging!

Available in 700 x 19c and 700 x 23c.

Sprocket Cycles
54-57 Allison Street
Birmingham, B5 5TH
0121 633 0730
Open Wed to sat.

The Rapha Blog…

July 13, 2009

… is live.


Good to see the Rapha blog is now up and running.

There is some great writing over there and more importantly ( for me ) some fantastic photographs and graphic design including the above… Sick.

I can see on the titles that my man Joe is doing a lot of the work so props go out to you big man, very nice work.

Go peep…Rapha Blog.

Safety in Numbers.

July 10, 2009

Last nights ride was awesome, I counted ten people in the peloton which for the first social is amazing.

Hopefully the folks that couldn’t make it last night will be able to get involved in next week’s ‘Weekend Workers Fixed Gear Social Club’ because as they say… ‘The more the merrier’ and there is ‘safety in numbers’.

Big thanks to Dan, Josh, Hardy, Fin, Teddy, Brett and an even bigger thanks to Tom, Nick and Chris for catching the train in from Wolvo and Stourbridge… Now that is what I call dedication!



July 9, 2009


7.00pm – Pigeon Park

7.10pm – On Your Bike, Digbeth
7.30pm – Hare and Hounds, Kings Heath
8.00pm – Maypole for the Solihull joiners

Hope to see you all later!

Thanks posty.

July 9, 2009

After a good few months of selling off some stuff either on the Bay or to homies I gained enough coin to purchase something a little bit special.

I looked around for a long time trying to find the right one in the right size and at the right price and after what seemed like an eternity I eventually found what I was looking for.

It arrived today, Boom! I expected it to arrive either tomorrow or Monday morning so you can imagine my excitement when Mr TNT came through the doors of my shop holding a large package under his arm with my name written on the side of it… so much excitement infact that I managed to slash my finger half off whilst trying to unwrap the beast.

I won’t say what it is just yet but here is a clue or three:
It is steel, Belgian and has a top tube that slopes the ‘right’ way.

Keep em peeled for pics… hopefully this weekend!

Lance x Damien Hirst Sneak Peek.

July 9, 2009



Not too much info on this as yet but what I do know is that Lance will be riding this bike on the final stage of Le Tour on the 26th on July and guess what else? I will be right there to see it.

Best believe my ass is going to Paris for the final stage!

More info the Trek x Livestrong collabs here.

Brooks x EHBPC London.

July 9, 2009


The Swift EHBPC London is a limited edition of 250 saddles, featuring blue leather top and the impressed logo of the first European Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships held in London in 2009.

This saddle is part of the COLOURED LTD EDITION saddles made to support a series of events Brooks sponsor.

I have never been the biggest fan of Brooks saddles, however I do love what they do and I also love the fact that are based in my home town so big ups for Birmingham heritage!

Via Brooks.

Mash SF x SAG Interview.

July 9, 2009


Having met a few years ago in Japan during the Tokyo leg of the Bicycle Film Festival, the last two years have seen a furious exchange of ideas and countless samples as bag makers SAG and world famous fixed gear collective MASH SF set out to create the absolute best riding backpack around. We caught up with MASH SF’s Mike Martin and SAG’s Yoshimasa Onodera as they gave us a little background about both themselves, the bag’s execution and general thoughts on the increasing importance and popularity in riding.

More at Hypebeast.


July 8, 2009

So I have managed to keep Kev awake long enough to squeeze a few pics out of him from last weekends Bikezilla event.

wedding (7 of 7)

wedding (3 of 7)

wedding (1 of 7)

wedding (7 of 7)

Gutted I missed this one as I hear that it was great and I can also see from various other pics flying around the net that the turn out was good too so a very well done goes out to Fin.

Kevin… if you are reading this, get on the rest pal, these are some fine pics and we need to see more!

Also Keep em peeled for Bikezilla Round 2.

Blue skies!

July 8, 2009


I should have had more faith.

My cycle home last night was nice, dry and with a hint of sun… can you imagine how wounded I was that I had made the call to postpone the WWFGSC ride?

Anyway, the ride into the countryside will definitely commence tomorrow evening, Thursday.

7.00 Meet in Pigeon Park.
7.30 Meet more folks at the Hare and Hounds in Kings Heath.

I mass txd a lot of you last night to reiterate but if you did not recieve a tx could you please send me your digits ( excluding Teddy, Chris Headley and Brett ) so I can update quicker and easier than posting on here. That way you don’t have to move… I will send all the info you need on rides right to your blower! Easy.

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