Hellyer good.


Continuing the theme of what seems like a weeks worth of historical images are these, taken in San Fransicso circa 1963.

My favourite photograph is the lowest one… that guy on the left in the Belmont cycling cap and what appear to be Ray Bans has got to be the coolest looking motherfu**er I ever saw. If he didn’t get victory that day then he must have been robbed of it.




These photos are from a day of races at the Polo Fields in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park in around 1963 or thereabouts. The morning started off at Shinn’s bike shop out near Ocean Beach where we met the Western Wanderers touring club. They took us on a liesurely tour of the Lake Merced area including a stop for a memorable breakfast at Joe’s of Westlake (which survives intact today). And then on to the Polo Fields in the Park for a day of bicycle racing. The Polo is a multi-use recreational facility consisting of a large grass playing field ringed by a slightly banked bicycle track a little over a kilometer in length. There was no functioning velodrome in the Bay Area at this time, so, the Polo was used for both road and track races. (Jim Manning informed me that the track was on the narrow side and that the chainlink fence could act like a cheese grater.) This was my first attempt to photograph bike racing with my fixed-lens Rollieflex in what turned out to be a less than photogenic site. Unfortunately, no program survives from the day’s mix of criterium and track events. I’m guessing that the host club was the San Francisco Wheelmen.

See more goodies like these over here.

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