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De Rosa Appreciation.

August 17, 2009


“The dropout treatment, with the red paint, the white pinstriping and the chromed borders and faces, is very detailed and fancy. But in the context of the entire frame, it becomes a flourish which enhances the look of the entire bike in a subtle way. The more I consider this paint scheme, the more I appreciate it.”

Auf Wiedersehen Yo.

August 4, 2009

Firstly… Apologies for the lack of posts yesterday people it seems that the people at Talk Talk broadband are a little bit on the lazy side. The re-connection they promised me that should have taken 2 hours actually took more like three days.

Secondly… I am going away again! This time to Germany, specifically a place called harsewinkel ( pron Harsz-Vinkel ) for a wedding and some sprotting ( that’s Welsh for ‘looking around’ ) so unfortunately there will be no posts for about a week. Unless of course Harsewinkle throws up some unexpectedly good cycle related information!

So Auf Wiedersehen my friends and I will see you next week with more Spinwell goodness.

Television programme: "Auf Wiedersehen Pet" The cast of the tele

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