Pass me the laser beam.



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4 Responses to “Pass me the laser beam.”

  1. joey h Says:


  2. Fixup Says:

    An’ mek me wipe out de wicked dem clean?

  3. Fixup Says:

    Hmm thinking about that song – you cannot pass someone a laser beam; they are not tangible items. Unless you have devised some sort of energy-storage device that traps energy in its normal form, without converting it. I believe this is impossible, so perhaps he meant “pass me the device that emits laser energy whose frequency and amplitude is such as to be deadly”. But it would be difficult to find something to rhyme with that

  4. Cinelli: The Art and Design of the Bicycle | Livin Cool Says:

    […] branded are the superstars of bicycle design made in Italy like the Laser or the super classic racing frame Supercorsa or most recent MASH, much loved by bike messenger, […]

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