Hipster as you like but I’m digging it… especially that back wheel. Now that is what I call chromed out!

Kentaro’s Ocean spotted over at EHVFXD.

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2 Responses to “Ocean.”

  1. monkey Says:

    is there any reason why there is a lot of clearance between the top of the fork and the wheel? the reason i ask is that on my fixie i built i have alot of clearance and find it hard to fit a brake. (had a few hairy moments lately so thought a brake would be a good idea.

    • Blacksmile Says:

      That would be because of the 650c front wheel Monkey… 650c is slightly smaller in diameter than a 700.

      Your issue will probably be the fact that your frame is for 27″ wheels and you have 700cs in there ( pretty much 26″ ). I wouldn’t worry too much though as long as can fit your brake!

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