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Mo Reynolds Lovers.

October 30, 2009


1956 Rotrax Track Hotness.

October 30, 2009


Spotted at the Flying Wheel.

Ciclolinea Peltan Shade.

October 30, 2009


I have been looking for this bar tape for months and google searches of ‘fade tape’, ‘faded bar tape’, and all other variations on the word ‘fade’ produced nothing!

‘Shade’ is the word I should have used folks and had I known that sooner it may have saved me a whole lot if time and heartache but anyway I have now found it.

It is called ‘Peltan Shade’ and it is made by Ciclolinea.

This ebay seller has a few NOS sets of them in various colours so if you have an eighties/nineties whip that you are looking to spruce up then look no further because this stuff really looks the business.

Ciclolinea Peltan Shade is also strangely reminding me of these: Nike Air ( Agassi ) Tech Challenge.

All Caps.

October 30, 2009


Loving these caps spotted at Lockedcog.

Like a cross between a beretta and a 5 panel these should appeal to the ‘cooler’ younger cyclists among us. If only we could get them over here on our sunny shores of Britain!

Via Subcrewreact.

Essential Viewing.

October 30, 2009


If you like cycling and you know of the man Eddy Merckx you should endeavour to get your mitts on this.

La Course en tete/The greatest show on earth is a fantastic documentary and a great chance to see ‘The Cannibal’ in all his glory.

The DVD is split into two films. The first is La Course en Tete ( head of the course ) and focuses on Merckx himself and his great career.

The second film is The Greatest Show on Earth, and a very captivating film on the 1974 Giro d’Italia. It shows Merckx, and all his rivals very well. You’ll come away cheering for Jose Manuel Fuente, the greatest climber of his generation who was one of the only men with the grit to attack Merckx.

Honestly this is a great watch and for anyone who loves a bit of old footage this is like the holy grail.

Reynolds Lovers.

October 30, 2009


Real CMX.

October 27, 2009


Spotted at Rotterdam Fixed.

My Favourite…

October 27, 2009

… NJS Framebuilders.





Pics courtesy of the NJS Keirin blogspot


October 27, 2009


Tokyo Fixed Gear did it again! This time with Ilovedust. Big collabo boys… nice work.

Pinarello Pantera Rosa.

October 26, 2009

Originally spotted on Milano Fixed I couldn’t resist a repost with mo pics!




Damn this looks great and especially in the pic above with the rims that I just sold to a supposed friend named kieran… you could say that I am regretting it now considering how much I recently saw a pair go for. Kieran you are a jerk and I hate you.

Photographs courtesy of speedbicycles. Those guys have nothing but pure goodness over there.


October 26, 2009

Massan. In my opinion always has the nicest looking ( Aluminium ) track bikes – Always with drops and always, always in Black. Exactly how they should be.

Spotted at Leeds Fixed.

Hetchins Appreciation.

October 26, 2009

Kris… this one is for you.





And there are plenty more where these came from so if you like your tubes steel, curly and British get your mouse over to here and click that button.

Whirling Dervish.

October 26, 2009

Thanks for the linky Hardy!

I know 700cmx seems to be gaining a whole lotta momentum right now but seriously this is the real sh*t and more over I find that this new wave of fixed gear trick riding to be somewhat limited.

Now I have always hated flatland as I don’t find it to be ‘Rad’ enough but never the less this is real impressive.

let the discussions commence!


October 23, 2009





Brilliant. A whole website dedicated to cycling board games. I didn’t even know this sort of thing existed, but now I do I want one. Yet another item for me to search for on ebay! Oh the lady will be pleased.

I don’t know about anyone else but I want to play Les Cracks.

Go here for more weird and wonderful goodies surrounding cycling… and gaming.

Buttie doing it Big.

October 22, 2009


Is that Antony Butt in Cycling weekly? Why yes it is. The boy from Birmingham done good!

Via 14.


October 22, 2009

I love this photograph.

It shows how very basic a track bike is, I noticed this myself the other night when I stripped one of my bikes in what seemed like seconds.


TFG Flickr spot via Milano Fixed.


October 22, 2009


We know many of you have been ripping apart the internets looking for this frame.

Some of you wanted it so bad you got builders to make it for you.

It’s been since 2004 that we’ve been real life testing this frame, a head on collision with a car, winters, hundreds of drop offs and pick ups, pot holes, bike polo, multiple cities, tens of alleycats and Cycle Messenger Championships all around the world.

And, they all survived. 5 years of testing gave us a lot of time for perfecting the design.

Which we did, new drop outs, new geometry, and a few other goodies.

So we feel they are ready to take the title of the strongest work bikes in the world.
Finally, a Track Frame designed to survive in the concrete maze.

Liking the look of these frames and the first 15 orders get one at a special price too.

Tenfour via Pedalconsumption.


October 21, 2009

I have posted on this subject before here but after seeing the following frame I feel it has gotten worse.



Is that Killorado BMX not simply ridiculous? Just take a look at the length of the seat-tube for the answer.

This guy sums it it pretty good:
The worst offender in this regard, of course, is Blackeye’s Cory Jarman, whose signature frame, the Killorado is an abomination against everything ever. It looks like a stripped-down girls bike from Toys R Us. I know he does 180 whips down stairs, but it’s ridiculous for the same reason it would be if someone hit 2,000 home runs while using a special aluminum/carbon bat. I hesitate to call it cheating, but it’s pretty freaking lame.

Words from SPFRLS

One Mo(ser) thing 2.

October 21, 2009


Now this is what I call ‘rolling on dubs’ or ‘rolling double dueces’ or even ‘rolling on twenties’ but that rear wheel is like one whole meter across plus a bit more! Big.

I also love that the rear wheel is so big it has to pierce the seat tube. Brilliant.

Vans x Airblaster.

October 21, 2009


They say:
To accompany their collaborative snowboard boot, Vans and Airblaster got together on a water resistant Era. The “Stay Wild” Era features an all-black upper with a bright pink top eyelet and teal lining alongside Airblaster logo placements. Perfect for those slushy days in the parking lot. Now available at Vans snowboarding retailers.

I say:
Waterproof Vans? Yes. I totally love the idea but guys the execution is awful. Honestly just look at it, flat, long, narrow just awful. Vans can you do this again but in an authentic this time instead of an era? Oh and do something about the profile would you. Thanks.

Via highsnob.

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