Track Champs.


For those who missed it ( including me ) you can now watch the Track cycling world cup again on BBCiplayer…


God I love iplayer! You can find me most evenings during the winter watching some sort of documentary on BBC4, last night it was ‘Jazz and the birth of cool’ in the 40s and 50s but ANYWAY enough of that. Go watch some track racing.

Watch here.
Thanks to Sam at LSF for the reminder.

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5 Responses to “Track Champs.”

  1. lee Says:

    Glad you posted this – it will remind me to watch it later. I was after the footage on Sunday but it hadn’t appeared yet…

  2. Dan Pistaboy Says:

    I had finish line tickets for the whole weekend…. it was unbelievable.
    Inspiring performances by everyone wearing a GB suit or a SKY HD suit. Got a few minutes with Jamie Staff who was good enough to show me some of the teams bikes. Epic Stuff. Will post you my Flickr link.

  3. hardy Says:

    yer i want to see those pics!

  4. Dan Pistaboy Says:

    O.k. so, hit Flickr, and search for Pistaboy under people…. sorry the quality aint all that.

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