I want a go.





Our project, simplicity in inner city bicycling, was at first glance a fun aesthetic opportunity in new trends, color, and materials. Our target lived / worked in an inner city environment with minimal space. Bicycling at this level can be more about fashion and culture than speed and performance.

After the first few brainstorm sessions we knew there where bigger opportunities. The project ended up rethinking what a “frame” meant, getting ride of basic key components, and creating a new type of compact bicycling. Inspired by the first the “hobby horse” from it’s simplicity and secondly the cafe race scene. Each is an exercise in stripping something down to its core.

J Ruiter via MilanoFixed.

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4 Responses to “I want a go.”

  1. kieran Says:

    Think i heard hardy is buying one.(snigger)

  2. hardy Says:

    I saw a comment, HOW did i know it would be you. and no call or text last night.
    the love is dwindling keiran.

  3. lee Says:

    what they actually mean is “we decided to design a f—ing ugly, extremely uncomfortable ride, where all the force from bumps in the road are transmitted in a straight line from the back wheel to your arse. we did this because we just had to do soemthing different, even though the traditional double diamond bike shape is perfect and cannot be bettered – at least not by muppets like us”

  4. lee Says:

    what a sack of shit – that ridiculously short wheelbase will make for a wobbly ride

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