Oh Sh*t.


I am not personally into trick riding myself but this fakie wheelie just killed it for me.

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4 Responses to “Oh Sh*t.”

  1. os r Says:

    thats being played backwards, hes really traveling forwards.

  2. os r Says:

    double negative!
    “look at the chain, when you move forward the top should be tight, as you’re pulling it through with the cranks, and when backwards it should be tight on the bottom, right? and to me it looks like its right on the top”

    also the wheel seems to come off the ground way to easy, and anyone could fake that steering ,but who knows

  3. Gavin Campbell Says:

    To me that shit looks like it’s tight at the bottom!

    I really don’t think ( hope not ) Macaframa would take the time out to blag such a thing… If they did then shame on them. However this to me looks absolutely LEGIT.

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