Spinwell Projects.1


Spinwell Projects No.1 will be the Spinwell Bobble Beanie. Limited to 30 pieces and available in two colour options – Red/Grey/White and Grey/Red/White ( unfortunately not the colour pictured, this is my special sample! ).

Coming very soon!

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32 Responses to “Spinwell Projects.1”

  1. sam Says:

    put me down for one of these.
    how much will they be??

    • Gavin Campbell Says:

      Hey Sam, many thanks for the interest.

      They will be £15.00 posted to the U.K. Plus a little more for folks over the pond.

      All made by one man and his machine in Wales, trying fully to support home grown industry here.

      Cheers again and watch this space!

  2. lilben Says:

    hit me up when you get one
    my bonce gets chilly cycling
    perfect for a non-headspinning bboy


  3. bobbiejane Says:

    Nice one Gavin! Loving it! If it suits mi big head, I’ll have one!

  4. bobbiejane Says:


  5. joey h Says:

    yes please. are you sure you can’t get another in black? that is, in your words, a big look.

    • Gavin Campbell Says:

      Well if you want one badly enough Joe I guess I could possibly let you have mine – Worn twice. Good price.

      What I will say though is the proper colours arriving soon as previously mentioned will look the biz. Hold tight.

  6. Dan Pistaboy Says:

    GREY/RED/WHITE for me Mr Campbell….
    Just holla and I’ll swing by.

  7. gsguccilife Says:

    Me want….

  8. Gareth Davies Says:

    Gavin I defo want one! This black version looks ace but the grey/red one sounds ace too. Let me know when you’ve got them and I’ll defo take one mate.

  9. andy y Says:

    oh no he di’ nt.

    Can you send one over if i get the dough to ya, Seriously

    its fuckin cold out here. Off bike checkin next week in seoul lots of nice SHIT.

    Big peace


    • Gavin Campbell Says:

      Of Course Andy… Keep a look out for the release and we will arrange something.

      I can send these hats anywhere friend… Worlwide!

  10. andrew young Says:

    EASY, how are ya. lovely hat. can you send one over or get one to kieran to send, and i’ll bosh some dough in your account.

    BIG respect, off to seoul bike checkin next week boom.


  11. oh damn, son « 14bikeco’s Blog Says:

    […] via […]

  12. gsguccilife Says:

    Ok man,let us know when they available.PAYPAL?Diamonds?Wine?

  13. Wil Says:

    Sign me up for black/red Mr. Campbell! Will match the colourway on my current build (sad innit). Drop me a mail when they’re out and I’ll part with the cashish?

  14. samuel Says:

    Yo man – good work!

    Let me know when you get some more pics and I’ll post them up.
    Reckon I’ll be after a grey one.

  15. lesamateurs Says:

    I’ll have one! I will email you right away

  16. Nick Says:

    Yagga Yo!

    Put me down for one if there’s any left bro.

    Moving to the smoke so gotta represent son!!!!!!

    Good work!

    • Gavin Campbell Says:

      For sure,

      Not had em yet big man but keep em peeled here for updates. I will also endeavour to email all the folks who have expressed an interest in these as soon as I have news so they get first ‘dibs’.

      Ride safe.

  17. gsguccilife Says:

    So,we have to send you our emailaddresses to get the “dibs”?

    • Gavin Campbell Says:

      No sir.

      Those who have contacted me through email or by way of comment will get an early heads up – provided of course that you have left a valid email in the comments box.

      That said I would still urge all people interested in a Beanie to keep em peeled on here for updates.

      I will post something early this week with maybe a few instructions on how you can guarantee yourself one of the 30 Spinwell Projects Beanies.

      Stand By!

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  19. Ryland Says:

    Nice hat! e-mail me when you get those in please man

  20. Handmade For Joe. « * SPINWELL CYCLING CLUB * Says:

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  21. daniel Says:

    i’ll take one

  22. gsguccilife Says:


  23. dibe Says:

    would buy the black one…is that available…if not i’d take the grey…

    let me know…



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