Spinwell Projects.1


Spinwell Projects. 1 commences with the arrival of the long awaited Bobble Beanie.

It took a while but they are finally here and now I actually get to hold them and realise the colours I chose in full effect I must say I am absolutely stoked. Both options look great and complement each other beautifully with their respective palettes.

Made by one man and his machine in Wales these are a total representation of keeping things local… Well as local as I could get anyhow and considering the current “economic crisis” I thought it very important to support the independent U.K manufacturer.

Limited to 30 pieces in total with 15 in each colour.
Available in Choice A – Red, White and School Grey or alternatively choice B – School Grey, White and Red.
They are fully machine washable and come in one size.


For details on how you can get your mitts on this fine merchandise go here to the Spinwell store.

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15 Responses to “Spinwell Projects.1”

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  2. andrew young Says:

    dude, one for me!! send over your bank details and i’ll bosh the dough in. Will happily pay postage, even if i’m the first, you still cool to send em over, its fuckin chilly out here now

    A Y

  3. andrew young Says:

    Black one please

  4. andrew young Says:

    oops grey soz

  5. lilben Says:

    grey please
    how do i get one orf ya?

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  8. obv1ou5 Says:


  9. sam Says:

    il take a grey one if yu got any left
    nd i can come pick it up from you in the shop or after work maybe?

    • Gavin Campbell Says:

      Hi Sam,

      Not sure if I have replied to you already but unfortunately all Greys have now gone but I have a few Reds left if you want one… please let me know asap and I you can come get one this weekend.

      many thanks and kind regards Gavin.

  10. Dan Pistaboy Says:

    My head is cookin’.
    Quality, through and through. Nice work gav.

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