Pain in the foot.


I have always sworn by clips and straps. Always. Two sets of nylon straps and a doubler is like a match made in heaven for retainers. Of late however the aforementioned coupling has been giving my plates of meat no end of gyp. It is obviously down to wearing canvas shoes in the cold and wet so now it is time for a change… I need the option to wear a ‘bigger’ more padded and more waterproofed shoe. So I need a retainer solution that is cheap and durable.

In steps my pal Hardy with his sewing skills.

These are going on today so as soon as I have chance to rip them around a bit I’ll update on how I get on but by the looks of them they are going to be just the ticket.

Cheers Hardysan, loving the buckles!

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2 Responses to “Pain in the foot.”

  1. Edward Scoble Says:

    merino sock.

    merino sock I tell you, merino sock (or waterproof sock).

  2. kieran Says:

    that hardy he’s err alright.

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