Long T(h)ing.


I really don’t know what to say, I mean it looks great and everything but tandems are something I really can’t get my head around. Nevertheless this Specialized is impressive!

Found by Xterra triathlete stud Conrad Stoltz while lurking around Specialized HQ, this one-off carbon fiber tandem is based on Specialized’s 2010 SHIV time trial bike.

Made to be as aero as possible, everything that can be integrated is, including the computer, aero bars, brake and shifter cables and even the front drivetrain. The leader pedals a crankset linked to the stokers’ via an internal shaft drive.

There are a couple of other interesting tidbits worth noting: First, those are SRAM carbon deep V rims laced to Specialized’s Roval Rapid Star hubs (which, interestingly, are no longer shown on their website). Second, the Stoker has no brake levers.


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One Response to “Long T(h)ing.”

  1. dan Says:

    tandems are ace – ever want to go for a decent ride with your missus but know you’ll have to go slow or she’ll have to murder herself to keep up? that’s what tandems are for.

    you and amy are welcome to borrow ours for a day to see what it’s all about.

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