1989 Duell Track Pursuit For Sale.


The time has come for a downscale in my household, so this has got to go. My 1989 Duell track pursuit frameset shall be with me no more.

Find it’s listing here and any questions, of course please ask.

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7 Responses to “1989 Duell Track Pursuit For Sale.”

  1. lee Says:

    excuse my ignorance of cycling history but is this some sorta collectors item? ’cause i find £400 for a 21 year old frame hard to believe!!!

  2. nathan barley Says:

    your right you are ignorant.
    why are you selling it, not hip enough anymore? 🙂

  3. hardy Says:

    do you thing i could fit MTB wheels on this?

  4. joey h Says:

    there goes your hour record.

  5. Frank Says:

    where is the suspension? And I bet I can get a better deal at Argos or toys’r’us, with wheels and proper geometry! That looks like a reject.

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