Time for a new jersey?


This one looks good.

AURORA collective teamed up with MONOW, a one-man design studio based in Stuttgart/Germany. Together we designed 3 unique Bike Jerseys / Riding Jackets.

The Jerseys are made of high quality materials by Champion System. They will move and breath with you, so that you can concentrate on riding your bike.


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4 Responses to “Time for a new jersey?”

  1. Exenger of Doom Says:

    Gav, I have a geared bike now, I am meeting Rob and possibly a few other geezers at the Gun Barrells in Selly Oak at 0800 for a countryside road ride if you fancy it

    • Gavin Campbell Says:

      I am out of town this evening Exenger. let me know next time though please, won’t you?

  2. Sebastian Says:

    Hi Gavin.
    Really happy that you like it. Thanks a lot for posting it.



  3. Sebastian Says:

    Hi Gavin,
    due to the big interest and a lot people that where to late for the first pre-order, i decided to put up a second run.
    Would be great if you could post this.

    Best wishes and thanks a lot.


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