Meeting of Minds.


This fantastic event takes place next Thursday evening and I am involved, see my name? Second down from top? Right, so we’ve cleared that up then.

I have a few photography works exhibited at M.O.M – Meeting of Minds but to be honest, the caliber of work that is going to be on show next week, besides mine is absolutely mind blowing and I cannot wait to see what some people will be putting in.

If you are free and like a bit of art and creativity, pass along, it’s free and good!

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3 Responses to “Meeting of Minds.”

  1. kense Says:

    Looks cool mate, I’d come along but I’ll be in Cuba! Maybe next time? Is the Custard Factory open again after the shootings last week?

  2. indred kold Says:

    is this like hypebeast or the cargo collective?

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