Rollapaluza record Smashed by me.


Ha! Not quite. As you can see I did not even come close to ‘smashing’ the record of 17.90 seconds held by Matt Crampton. Yes that’s right 17.90 seconds. That’s 100.6 kmh and 4 pedal revolutons per second!!! Shiiit.

Birmingham’s own Sam Hill got top spot at yesterday’s session down the Bullring, beating me by .5 of a second so well done Sam, good lad. Can’t wait for the return… Nocturne series? bring it.

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2 Responses to “Rollapaluza record Smashed by me.”

  1. sam Says:

    That time of 24.44 was clearly for someone called GANIN!. What’s up with that? What was your real time GAVIN? x

  2. Winston Says:

    calling Sam Hill!

    Please contact us, I think we may have your email address wrong:


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