The Zilla!


What an awesome event! Many thanks to Fin for organizing this, a great night was had by all. There is movie footage here, too for those that want to see mine and Andy’s photo finish! More photos up later this week.


Loop Race
1. Brett (17mins.17secs)
2. Dan OYB (17.18)
3. Andy (17.37)

Sprint Final – Dead heat (14.50 seconds)
1st Andy
1st Gav

Nascar Peloton
1st – Dan (pistaboy)
2nd – Brett
3rd – Dan (wentskiing)

Final Scores
1st – Dan – 12
2nd – Andy -10
2nd – Brett -10
3rd – Sam – 8

Oh and don’t forget… There is also Birmingham’s Canalleycat on the 9th July.

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5 Responses to “The Zilla!”

  1. k dilla Says:

    you live by the sword you die by it.

  2. Exenger of Doom Says:

    what if you live by the elixir of eternal life?

  3. k dilla Says:

    then get on your bike and ride to your doom.

  4. hardy Says:

    Dan looks like the incredible Hulk in that last picture

  5. dan Says:

    more like slimer – if anyone wants a chin, i’ve got (at least) two spare…

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