Spinwell Projects No.3


It seems like an age since I last mentioned the next Spinwell project but alas, it’s underway. Sourcing the right cloth, finalising designs and liaising with the printer and seamster is hard work, you know!

Anyway, so last night my friend and printer printed up the thirty pre-cut musettes and as always, they look amazing. Next they are off to be stitched up and by one mans hands I might add because as you may know, when it comes to things like this I like to keep things local or as a lot of creative workers say in 2010 “hyper-local”… Whatever that means?

Thanks Dave, they look awesome… Now I cannot wait to see them made up and being used.

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5 Responses to “Spinwell Projects No.3”

  1. hardy Says:

    Are they like shoppers??

  2. Pistaboy Says:

    “Made in the MIdlands”
    I like.

  3. Sebastian Says:

    Sounds great. Love the font.

    Curious to see the finished musettes.

  4. Exenger of Doom Says:

    Bad. Man. Ting.

    I’m too scared to wear my Brooklyn chewing gum in case

    a) the thin material breaks


    b) people think I’m wearing a handbag.

  5. hardy Says:

    Its ok all the boys in new era wear handbags, its in fashion with the hipsters at the moment.

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