Decisions Decisions.


I find myself looking, thinking, researching and stressing at any given moment. You see, my R2W voucher will land on my doormat any day now and it has opened up a can of worms. Do I reach for a better frame with ‘poor’ groupset or a less good frame with a better groupset? After hours of sifting through endless letter forms presented to me by my search engine I think I have an answer.

The answer is to shut the fu*k up and get on with it.

It’s the only way, to make mistakes and learn from them. For instance I now know that a metallic white, 52cm, aluminium framed fixed gear bike with blue ‘deep v’s’ and pink grips is not for me because I owned one just like that. I built it yet I hated it and I learned very quickly that it was too small for me. My love for tradition has put me in the steel bikes bracket ( where one can afford the price tag of such things ) and I’ll probably now ride one of those forever. The geometry, the shape, the balance and the poise of steel bikes has me hooked.

I do my girlfriends head in no-end. Should I get this one, that one? Do you like this colour darling, what about this colour, that colour? I said I do my girl’s head in, well I do my own in too! Sometimes I wish I could lead an easier existence like people I know that have a vision and stick to it. Take my friend Hardy as an example, he has a new bike that he has been building for 8 months and it is now complete. He had a vision and he fulfilled that vision. No doubt he researched every part that he needed for it but I think if I ever go down that route I may have a nervous breakdown.

Talking about my girlfriend she quite aptly put’s it like this. Walking down the cereal aisle in the supermarket, two types of person will act differently – One type will go straight to the Weetabix because that’s what they like, they get it every week, easy. Then there is me, the other type of person, no matter what I know that I like, be it muesli or Cheerios I will still stand there staring, gawping at the choice of breakfast cereals on offer, weighing up the benefits of one over the other, taste, value, it all counts! The only time I will move, reach out with open hand and commit to one cereal in particular is when I am forced to decide or if the decision is made for me. Terrible I know but I am working on it, really I am.

It’s the amount of choice we have these days that’s done it, if you have the sheckles you can literally have whatever you want. Whatever you want! I have £1000 to spend on a bike as I previously mentioned and although the choice is not that amazing at this price point, if there happens to be more than 2 bikes to compare I am screwed, I may as well do ‘eeny-meeny-miny-mo’ it may well be quicker and probably more exciting, too.

I am so indecisive when it comes to these things that I could literally be looking, researching for eternity. The Olmo I purchased a month or so ago that I have wanted to paint still sits bare on my dining room floor waiting for a coat of something, anything! So today, while I have some time to myself, I will take it in to be painted… but what colour? Therein the problem lies. There are so many beautiful colours that I want all of them, yet I can’t have all of them. I will decide on the walk into town but right now, this moment it is Silver with two layers of glitter lacquer. Ten mintues ago it was Ferrari Red.

So there we have it, when it comes to decision making where spending my hard earned scrilla is concerned, I am a terror. Sure, there has got to be loads of people just like me out there who can’t choose one way or the other either and I never want to meet any of them. That said, at least once the decision has been made, probably months, maybe years after the tussle began, I know I made the right one. Or did I?

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5 Responses to “Decisions Decisions.”

  1. joey h Says:

    yo dice man, my favourite cereal is Kelloggs Start.

    however, there is always variety packs…

  2. owen Says:

    i’m in the same position, wait until the new season models come out at the end of the summer and get a 1300-1400£ bike for the grand.

    i’m edging towards canondale caa9 105, all blacked out.

    nice blog!

  3. Pistaboy Says:

    Be careful of the price raise in next seasons bikes! i’ve had to settle for a Caad8 105 to utilise the cyclescheme voucher

  4. Pistaboy Says:

    Fair play Gav. Its all about that awesome frame…..

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