New whip alert.


Got it this morning and after a few tweaks and minor adjustments I promptly stretched my limbs, donned my bib shorts and jersey and commenced to give it a damn good thrashing.

A good handful of miles later and all I can say is… Boy, it feels great to be back on a modern road bike. All hail compact gearing!

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8 Responses to “New whip alert.”

  1. Pistaboy Says:

    Midweek mashup?

  2. Urn Says:

    Didn’t go for the caad9 in the end? little review and pics would be grand.

    • Gavin Campbell Says:

      Ok, coming right up. Need a few more outings on it to be sure of a few things but yes, certainly. Stand by my first ever ‘review’!

  3. Alex Says:

    Congrats on the new toy. When are you out next? I’ve just picked up my new bike… it’s Canadian.

    Hardy mentioned Wednesday nights? Keep me posted.


  4. Alex Says:

    Also, and particularly for bike porn, this is a great blog… courtesy of Above Category Cycles in MillView, California.

  5. shamim Says:


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