How have I not posted this before? Nevertheless a recent email from a Mr Ian Rowley ( thanks for getting in touch Ian ) reminded me of just how much of a legend Tommy Godwin is. Lest we also forget his Birmingham roots!

Tommy Godwin was one of this countries greatest track racing cyclists and one of cycle racings greatest ambassadors. Born in 1920 in the USA he spent his adult and working life in Birmingham. He was national sprint champion and an Olympic medalist winning two bronze medals at the 1948 London games in the team pursuit and the 1km individual time trial. Tommy also won a further bronze medal at the 1950 British Empire Games. Tommy was also manager of the British National Cycle Team at the 1964 Tokyo Games.

Tommy also had a bike shop near where I used to live, wish it was still there… it’s now an Aldi supermarket car park.

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7 Responses to “Tommy.”

  1. k dilla Says:

    He also had a shop in kings heath where that sports shop is on york rd. My beater is from him and my moms bike. Also he taught Trevor Bull to fix bikes and managed the british Track team in tokyo olympics.

    • Gavin Campbell Says:

      Yeah, Kieran I am sure his shop was on Silver st you know, the next one along, not York rd ( according to Classic Lightweights site )

      Where did you read that? I’d like to see that for myself.

  2. k dilla Says:

    Thats the one!!!!! Heard it straight from the Bulls mouth!!!

  3. LS Says:

    Two Tommy Godwins!

    I think I may have sent you the second link before?


    There was a frame builder on School Road too. I’m running late, not sure where I saw this it may be mentioned in the comments there.

  4. ls Says:

    Birmingham cycle shops –

  5. ls Says:

    Gav is right, definitely Silver Street. There’s a photo on this page it is now the wonderful Quids Worth (most items £1)

    I can’t find it now but I read somewhere there was a French guy who built frames on School Road near Cambridge Road Church 60s/70s ?

  6. gtmp Says:

    Tommy Godwin is doing a book signing at the Hercules Cyle and Motor Company (on Rocky Lane) this Sunday. Theres gonna be a show of old cars, motorbikes, bikes etc and will apparently conclude in a rally near Kidderminster(?). I am unfortunately otherwise engaged, but would kill if someone could pick me up a book? Pretty please?

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