Impending Doom.


It’s coming. The suffering is around the corner and I cannot wait. The 2010 leg of the annual alpine adventure for the SFRT begins next week in Annecy, France.

This year I feel I am slightly better prepared, although more mentally than physically. We also have more members that now make up the 2010 Spinwell Factory Racing Team which obviously means more fun… Oh and more slaps for the person at the back of the bunch, now he won’t be 3rd, but 5th! Shit.

Cret de Chatillon – I am coming for you.


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8 Responses to “Impending Doom.”

  1. k dilla Says:

    forclaz your mine.

  2. Hardy Says:

    k dilla your mine. spooning.

  3. Exenger of Doom Says:

    you lucky, lucky sod

  4. k dilla Says:

    hardy im taking pepper spray on this holiday. back off or i will through the parlee in lake annecy.

  5. k dilla Says:

    throw* how embarrassing

  6. Hardy Says:

    weather forecast says its raining. blame army, he told me.

  7. k dilla Says:

    army is talking shit

  8. Pistaboy Says:

    jealous…. seriously jealous.
    Be sure to fuel up at that amazing choclatier in town.
    Oh – and it didn’t happen without photo’s! Shoot loads!

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