Bicycle Quarterly.


What? How do I not know of this?

I clicked on the webpage and instantly thought I was looking at someone’s paper-magazine collection from decades ago. Mistaken. This is a modern magazine. Like, made now, today. Awesome. I want a read.

They say:Bicycle Quarterly is a magazine for discerning cyclists, who enjoy their bikes, whether on a weekend ride, commuting, randonneuring, racing or touring the countryside. In Bicycle Quarterly, you find professionally written articles about a variety of topics rarely covered in the “mainstream” cycling press.

Go seek.
Image taken from TFG where you can also purchase BQ magazine.

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3 Responses to “Bicycle Quarterly.”

  1. Dave Ross Says:

    Right … how did you not know this? You will find many good things there, so check out the back issues. The publisher/editor/lead writer Jan Heine and friends have done a great real-world analysis of tire resistance, blowing up myths about tire pressure and width.

  2. Edward Scoble Says:

    I’ve subscribed to BQ a while ago.

    They’re brilliant magazine that’s all about the ride, which is sadly lacking in today bicycle magazine that’s all about the lastest gizmo and hip hop bicycles.

    Seriously, subscribed to them, they’re really worth it (oh and get back issue too, great to read).

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