Is this guy for real?


Damn, son. That’s some collection you have there…. I’d say you need to cool off and think about letting some of your hotness go!

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4 Responses to “Is this guy for real?”

  1. innokenty Says:

    I always wanted to ask hrrundel about the second frame from the bottom. Decals say “rus” which is a an old(9th century ish) word for Russia. As in Kieven Rus’.

    My guess would be its just a custom decal over a cinelli(or someother) frame.

    I do think he keeps his collection flowing. If its on Flickr doesn’t necessarily mean he still has it, well you know that.

  2. George Says:

    This guy sells very rare soviet bikes and make some fake reto bikes from other models. Somewhen he made Moscow-80 bike frame (very rare only 40 of them were built) from some old Cinelli.
    What about “Rus”… It is Samoylov bike. Samoylov was one of the greatest soviet frame builders. He made his frames from Columbus tubes and Colnago parts.

  3. Jahn Says:

    I’ve seen many of his frames. The Rossin bikes have stamped lugs and cutout BB shells. The De Rosa frames have heart cutouts in the lugs and stamped seat stays. Why (and how) go through all the trouble to fake that? I’ve seen some of his frames sell for 1,000-1,300. Yes they are re-finished with not-so-good decals (cyclomondo) but the chrome, fake lugs, stamping, paint and decals would almost cost that much. How is that profitable if they are indeed fakes?

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