Alan Shorter R.I.P.


I have just learned that Alan Shorter, founder of Shorter-Rochford passed away on the evening of the 9th November at the tender age of 92.

I do not very much about this man, I am not going to front. What I do know however is that he was a very forward thinking man in respect to the production of his frames and the aero advantages that could be gained there, with configurations, joining methods and of course, the lightening process by way of Drillium. He was also instrumental in coaching ‘The King’ Alf Engers to the TT record of 25 miles in under 50 minutes back in 1978.

His name and legacy will live on. Alan Shorter. Legend.

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One Response to “Alan Shorter R.I.P.”

  1. Harold (Harry) Wilson Barnet CC Says:

    Alan was one of the best riders in the country in the lead up to the 1948 oylimpics and should have been selected ahead of others that were, he had beaten them all and the only reason he was overlooked was because he had no time trialling form, this was the head in the sand attitude of the NCU which still exists to some extent today in the BCF, still with the way things are going we will not need the existing cycling bodies because cycle racing will die from a lack of courses and organisers.

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