Flickr Grips. Old boys and TTs.



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4 Responses to “Flickr Grips. Old boys and TTs.”

  1. steven Says:

    that’ll be me in twenty years time but with a fatter gut

  2. joey h Says:


  3. campfire Says:

    I’ve just looked at this and the top picture surprised me as three people I know are on that photograph. The man just turning round died about 2 years ago and was cremated 1/2 an hour later than my Dad. The lady on the right is his wife and the other lady is a friend of mine who I see every few weeks. They are from the Warrington Road Club

    Is the picture taken near the Three Greyhounds in Cheshire?

  4. campfire Says:

    I clearly know Cheshire courses well. I forwarded the link to a friend who said it WAS the Three Greyhounds. I was also told that the man whose back we can see is Tommy Fuller decd, of the Stretford Wheelers.

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