Look Mondrian 2011.


Jesus Christ. Why have I not got ( read saved ) enough £££ for a 586 yet. *Drools on keyboard*. I need a slap in the face right now followed by some hard liquor. Shit.


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4 Responses to “Look Mondrian 2011.”

  1. Ben Froggatt Says:

    Mate, i was on a 585 a couple of years back, that was a beautiful machine, now production is properly back in France again the 586 is truly amazing I’m sure

  2. steven Says:

    that is sooo french. sooo kewl. if I sold my soul + all my bikes I might just get a look in. I wouldn’t even ride it, I’d keep it in a glass box like Sno White

  3. hardy Says:

    I’d keep both in the cellar

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