Ronson TT Hardness.


This is Brigand Doom’s latest acquisition and it’s a mighty fine one.

He says: “The steerer tube is extensively drilled inside the headtube, the fork crown race is ‘golfballed’, the headtube is relieved either side and the lugs extensively ‘Bikini’d’ with hearts and windows. The brakes have to be built onto integral anchor bolts, brazed into the fork crown/rear bridge, to save weight, as far as i can tell no standard brake fits without being modified and i had to scratch make spring anchor washers and re-source thinner washers throughout! The fork crown has drillium all around and the steerer tube has been factory cut so that it wont accept a locking nut, i suppose the philosophy being that the bugger would come loose anyway, so get rid and save the weight, the BB shell has a massive heart cutout and lastly the short rear Campag’ ends are factory drilled”.

As you can see BD loves drilling stuff too and he’s done a grand job on this… DIY drillium – it’s the future!

Doom, you’re a boss.

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4 Responses to “Ronson TT Hardness.”

  1. Ricardo Says:

    ‘DIY drillium’……A new form of music too?

    I do like the drilled out look, but doesn’t it compromise the strength…etc etc?

  2. brigand doom Says:

    erm…certain things shouldn’t be drilled. The mighty Alf’ used to drill his seatpost but i would advise against it.

    by and large Drillium was at its height in the 70’s 80’s heyday and it’s possible to find articles on the subject. the wisdom of the day was that it held up fine under normal conditions and was only really an issue if you crashed.

    there’s nothing better than Hotrodding your ride though, it feels faster even if its not

  3. Goateeki Says:

    The group (well, derailleur, chainset, etc.) is not the Sachs-Huret Jubilee set that was offered for about five minutes back in ’81 or ’82? I recall that with it, there was a special order set that included drilled brake levers and for some reason I thought they were supplied by Modolo. God things were sexy back then.

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