George Marshall takes great photos.


And this one is no exception – Matt Hoffman aka ‘The Condor’ my childhood hero, complete with grey beard.

I had a Hoffman flash once, it was too short for me, I didn’t care, it was a Hoffman.

George is currently working on Albion magazine and snapping shots for Rapha’s survey… amongst other things. Dude is in demand!

Peep George Marshall.

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4 Responses to “George Marshall takes great photos.”

  1. Lee Says:

    Fucking HELL! The man looks so OLD!

    I had the chance to get a blue Hoffman Taj in almost perfect condition off a BMX rider in Walsall for £250 – sadly my best mate at the time bought it before I could raise the money and he wrecked it!

    I think George Marshall took some photos of an old mate of mine, Scott the Punk from Nottingham – check the pic of him doing a massive tuck over a set of trails, he’s like 20ft in the air!

  2. Lee Says:

    • Gavin Campbell Says:

      Jesus fu**ing Christ!
      That is some serious “hang time” Lee. Thanks for sending me that link.

      The pic reminds me of Redditch trails… they were the biggest in my locality in the mid 90s, bigger than Ashworth and most certainly bigger than Kiddy.

      I miss riding trails so much. I’v thought about getting another BMX but the Mrs would not be happy, plus it has links with a mid life crisis and I’m trying to bypass that!

      • Ex Messenger of Doom Says:

        Ennit, mine has been in the shed for months. I spent probably more than two grand on BMX over the last couple of years but got too many injuries and didn’t learn many new tricks… what a waste.

        Sad how you can’t just get up unhurt from a crash and carry on riding like when you were 16…

        One one hand you think if people like Matt Hoffman can ride so good in their 40’s then why can’t I still ride good now I’m only in my mid 20’s… on the other hand I think it’s best for us mere mortals to just accept that we passed our peaks ages ago and being alright at BMX is just a happy memory.

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