Mercier Hotness. 1980.


France, 1980

Road bike with full aero styled Super Vitus 971 framework #M67666 finished in Mercier’s malve metallic. Shimano 600 EX group (6200), Belleri bar/stem, Ambrosio Montreal blue finished tubular rims, S.Marco Concor Supercorsa saddle and Wolber tubulars.

Beautiful bike. Great to see Shimano getting some love… And 600, too. A boss group.


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3 Responses to “Mercier Hotness. 1980.”

  1. Milo Says:

    saw this and thought of your site…

    • Spinwell Says:

      Thank you so much for that!!!
      Tis funny as I was just putting something together just like that.


  2. the hooded claw Says:

    I concur… to a point. would have been better to have seen tout Mavic guppo

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